Jockey found guilty of trying to ride while drunk

Who knew it was a crime? But English jockey Franny Norton has been suspended for 16 days for trying to ride while drunk.

The British Horse Racing Authority have just tweeted:
Franny Norton suspended for 16 days after sample found to contain alcohol in concentration above threshold level at Salisbury on 7th Sept.

It is the third time Norton has failed a pre-race breath test and he may have expected an even longer ban than the 16 days he received. He was banned for 40 days after failing breath test rule at the 2011 Chester May meeting.

Norton is not the first jockey to get convicted of trying to ride while intoxicated as jockeys have been tested for it in the UK since 2003. Keith Dalgleish was the first rider to be found guilty.

It seems most jockeys who get convicted usually blame the unmetabolised amount of alcohol form the night before’s drinking, but Irish jockey Davy Russell got a real shock in 2010 when he failed the test before racing in Listowel due to swallowing too much mouthwash, Russell, had not had a drink for 15 years.


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