Kilkenny chairman wants players rewarded

Kilkenny chairman Paul Kinsella has called on the GAA to help contribute to the players holiday fund following Sunday’s draw in the All-Ireland hurling final.

As Kinsella pointed out, Sunday’s draw has meant that the players of Kilkenny and Galways now face another three weeks of intensive preparations for the replay at the end of the month.

The majority of the players had been expecting this week to be either a celebratory time or a period of mourning but both sets of players would go back to club hurling at the end of that.

That is now gone as the next three-weeks will see a prolonged inter-county season as Liam MacCarthy is still up for grabs and Kinsella believes the extra-training costs and the dedication shown so far should be rewarded.

“I trust that the people in that department will recognise the contribution of the players,” said the Kilkenny chairman.

“Generally speaking, in past situations they have been quite decent and I see no reason why they won’t be now.

“We’ve other things to worry about now with a replay to prepare for and the reduction in admission prices was extremely welcome, especially coming so quickly after the game.

“But we have three weeks more training costs coming our way now. The people who make that decision are the same soldiers as ourselves and we would tend to trust them to do the right thing.

Kinsella added: “You must remember the GAA brought in a handsome figure yesterday [Sunday] with the money they were charging.

“Both sets of guys going up there had it in their minds that they’d be back playing local championship hurling at the end of this month. That’s all gone now.

“They have to train hard for an All-Ireland and it would be a nice thing to see the holiday fund helped.”

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