Liverpool’s Eccleston in hot water over tweet

Liverpool striker Nathan Eccleston faces an unsure future  at Anfield following a message he posted on social networking site Twitter about the 9/11 bombings.

Eccleston, 20, suggested in his tweet that the 9/11 bombings were not the work of terrorists. : ‘I aint going to say attack don’t let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it.’

He quickly moved to remove the tweet but it was too late as the club’s American owners were already notified of the tweet. He went onto say following critiscm on the social network that he is entitled to his own opinions. ‘If you don’t like what I have to say un follow me !!

He has played just two games for Liverpool and spent loan spells with Huddersfield and Charlton.

A Liverpool spokesperson said: ‘The club takes this matter extremely seriously and senior club officials have informed Nathan Eccleston that we are undertaking an investigation into the circumstances surrounding these postings.

‘We will decide on an appropriate course of action.’

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