Michaela Harte’s family to set up charity

The husband and family of Michaela Harte, murdered while on honeymoon in Mauritius last month, have announced that they are to set up a charity in her memory.

Her husband John said his late wife had inspired him to be a better person. Her father, Mickey Harte, said he hoped the charity established in his daughter’s name could have a positive influence in the aftermath of such tragedy.

Mr McAreaveysaid: “From the enormous amount of support and kind words I have received from people in response to the tragic loss of my beautiful wife Michaela, it has struck me the way she lived her life has had a profound effect on many people. The values that embodied Michaela’s life seem to have captured the public’s heart. For people to be aware of just how beautiful Michaela was in this regard fills me with great joy and pride. I am eternally grateful and privileged to have been such a large part of her life and this alone helps console me during this difficult time. Many people have encouraged me to act on the positive lifestyle and morals that Michaela enjoyed in her life. She has indeed had a major positive impact on my life in this regard also”.

Mr Harte said the support of the public was helping his family deal with their loss and he said he hoped that same goodwill could be used to help others by forming a charity in his daughter’s memory:

“I continue to be amazed on a daily basis at the reaction there has been to the untimely death of our beautiful daughter Michaela. The fact that she has touched the lives of so many who never knew her but now feel that they do, has encouraged both families, Hartes and McAreaveys, to put in place the formation of a trust/foundation to celebrate through her, the sound values which Michaela held dear”.


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