North American Team Bids For Inclusion In All Ireland GAA Championship

The North American County Board has launched a bid to be included in the All-Ireland senior football championships.

The board which represents all of America outside of the New York metropolitan area, are hoping to have the right to represent the country in the Irish championships within the next couple of years.

If they are successful with their bid, the New York team may be forced to take on the North American’s in a preliminary match before entering the All-Ireland championships.

In recent times New York have played in the Connacht Senior Football Championship, where they have often put it up to visiting teams as they continue to progress as a football “county”.

However, they may now have to fight for the right to compete in Connacht if a North American team is eventually sanctioned.

The County Board proposal is expected to be on the agenda at the annual North American GAA convention later this year, and it could be at least 2013 before a North America side participates in the All-Ireland senior championship.

NACB Championship winners
Each year on Labor Day weekend, the North American Board holds a championship between the North American clubs in all U.S. cities where there are GAA-affiliated clubs (except for New York city). Playoffs are held between the Gaelic football, hurling and camogie champions of the different regions in the United States, to determine the NACB champions.

Play off locations:
2011 San Francisco
2010 Chicago
2009 Boston
2008 Boston
2007 Chicago
2006 Philadelphia
2005 Philadelphia
2004 Denver
2003 Boston
2002 Chicago
2001 San Francisco


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