Olympic Games: Irish Fans Should Register For Tickets NOW Or Risk Missing Out

It hardly seems like 10 months ago since President of Ireland Mary McAleese, Pat Hickey, and Ken Egan, Olympic Silver medallist were guests of the London Organising Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games during a tour of the Olympic facilities at the Stadium and at Excel where the Boxing takes place yet here we are exactly 18 months away from the Opening Ceremony of the Games.
Two of Britain’s biggest sports stars have today urged the British public to Sign Up and register their interest in tickets at www.tickets.london2012.com. Exactly the same advice goes for the Irish fans. Do NOT just wait and hope that you can get tickets in Ireland through the official channels.

England Ashes hero Alastair Cook went on an exclusive tour of the Olympic Park and was keen to stress how important it is that people register now to make sure they are part of the greatest show on earth.

Alastair said: ‘London 2012 will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, the Olympic Games is the biggest sporting event in the world and whether you’re an athlete or a fan you don’t want to miss out. It’s really important that people Sign Up for tickets, you won’t get this chance again so go online today and register.

‘Having great (home) support behind you makes a big difference, I’ve experienced it myself in England as well as with the Barmy Army abroad and it really spurs you on. As athletes around the country prepare to compete, and with more than 2.1 million people having already registered their interest, gold medal hopeful Phillips Iduwo joined Alastair in urging the public to sign up.

Of course with Ireland being ‘so close’ and with a huge number of Irishmen and women in UK, it could also almost feel like a ‘home from home’ for the Irish competitors. Imagine the noise from the Irish audience at the Excel Centre when such as Egan, Paddy Barnes and Katie Taylor compete? Do not just “hope” that you will get tickets ‘nearer the time or on the day’ – a forlorn hope even for friends of the Irish competitors so do SIGN UP now and list the events you are particularly interested in. The Irish team need all the support they can get especially with inevitably a huge British audience

Phillips said: ‘I’m from East London so it’s literally my home Games. It’s the perfect opportunity to win that gold medal” . He is expecting a huge British following in the stadium. The Irish team deserve your support too…. Book tickets early, book flights early and be sure of your place in the Stadium, at Excel or at any of the other events throughout the UK that host Olympic or Paralympic events.

Tickets will go on sale on March 15th but in order for people to put themselves in the front row for information it’s essential they register their interest at www.tickets.london2012.com

There will be 6.6 million tickets available to the public via the ticket application process for the Olympic Games. Details of tickets for the Paralympic Games will be announced later this year.


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