Pat Gilroy proposes draft system for player transfers

Dublin boss Pat Gilroy believes that a draft system, similar to that used in American football, may be the solution to stopping the number of players transferring to clubs in the capital.

Gilroy made the comments as he announced his team for the Dublin v Cork Allianz Football League spectacular in Croke Park on Saturday night. The only change from the team that beat Armagh sees Paul Flynn replace Bryan Cullen who has a minor back problem.

Gilroy said: “Whether it’s some form of a draft system or a cap on the number of fellas who play on a senior team that didn’t play juvenile in Dublin, it probably would be better that if fellas are coming up (from the country), maybe they shouldn’t have a direct choice on where they go. Smaller clubs could get first choice on them. That would make it fairer.

“It’s not necessarily healthy if it’s just big clubs getting top players all the time, so maybe that’s something that could be looked at. I think a kind of a draft system would be much better.”

Gilroy was also pleased that Eamonn Fennell’s case was finally sorted out this week:

“It’s a distraction that’s over and out of the way. In fairness, it didn’t cross over into anything to do with us much, but I’m sure from his point of view it’s good to have it behind him”.

However, the player will not be available to Gilroy for another few months as he is currently recovering from an operation:

“He can’t do weight-bearing training and I don’t think Eamon will play any league games. I’d say he’ll play club games all right, probably in April, but it will take him a while to build back up to fitness.”


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