Racing History Made At Plumpton

Racing history was made at Plumpton yesterday afternoon, when Here’s The Key finished third in a novice hurdle to become the first horse in Britain to be returnedat odds of 13-5.

The price is one of a set of 11 new fractional odds with which has recently been sanctioned by the Starting Price Regulatory Commission.

Betting pundit John McCririck claimed that these new odds will further disadvantage punters who he believes have not been properly warned of their introduction.

The move caught many punters off guard and it follows the inclusion of additional prices in the latest table of rule 4 deductions from winning bets compiled by Tattersalls Commitee following last year’s review of the rules on betting.

Ali Slater, starting price operations manager at the Press Association said: “All SIS and TurfTV customers were advised of the inclusion of these prices.”

The new prices are: 7-5 (rule 4 deduction of 40p), 8-5 (35p), 9-5 (30p), 11-5 (30p), 12-5 (25p), 13-5 (25p), 14-5 (25p), 16-5 (20p), 17-5 (20p), 18-5 (20p), 19-5 (20p).

Slater added: “The SPRC has also recommended that a working group is put together to discuss the further inclusion of non-customary fractional odds as possible shows and starting prices, or with an aim to produce a finite industry approved list of odds.”


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