Racing: The Jockey Diet – All Is Revealed

One of the most talked about subjects following the recent BBC Sports Personality of The Year awards I attended in Birmingham was the subject of how little jockeys can eat, in comparison not only with the public at large but even other sports stars.

So having heard the sacrifices made by Tony McCoy , now comes news that the Professional Jockeys Association , has got together with some of the jockeys and the fruits of their efforts they hope will encourage us all to stay slim and fit in 2011 and beyond..

Several top jockeys (male and female) – including Frankie Dettori – have donated their favourite low-calorie recipes to encourage us all to become winners in the weight loss stakes by shedding weight and staying slim.

The meals – of between just 300 and 500 calories per serving – were chosen by Dettori, Hayley Turner, Ryan Moore, Richard Johnson and Paul Hanagan

While most men in Britain devour around 3,000 calories a day and women consume up to 2,000 calories – jockeys manage to perform a highly active job on around 1,000 calories per day.

To see all of the recommended ‘Jockeys Diet’ recipes check out:

Talking to the BBC NI after the Sports Personality awards McCoy, from Moneyglass revealed that his Christmas Dinner would include:

To start off with … a cup of tea with skimmed milk and two slices of toast with margarine and jam.

(That would be followed by a hot bath for up to an hour to sweat out up to 4lb) .

Then comes Christmas Dinner ….. just 597 calories on Christmas Day.

“three thinly-sliced pieces of turkey breast, one spoonful of cabbage, three Brussels sprouts and a splash of gravy” .

And whilst most of us would be raising a glass of mulled wine (or three) with friends and family, Tony toasted his Family and Friends with a small glass of lemonade.

“I never mind having a frugal Christmas dinner as I’m always looking forward to some great rides on Boxing Day.

“What I do enjoy is seeing Mick Fitzgerald and Carl Llewellyn loosening their belts before they struggle home.

“I just can’t imagine bursting out of my clothes like those two do.”

The former jockeys were due to spend Christmas with Tony and his family at their home in Lambourn, Berkshire for Christmas dinner.

Most people, in Ireland and in Britain , consumed, it is believed , up to 6,000 calories on 25 December – triple the recommended daily amount.

Kieren Fallon, in his official website tells us how his Irish background helps him diet :

“The Fallon Way:

The more you exercise the more you can eat. Many people however have jobs that take up many hours of the day being office bound. This is not good for mind or body.

On top of that, the modern day foods that are often snacked on, pile on the pounds. If you cannot get to exercise as much as you need to, make sure that you control your weight by eating a healthy diet and grazing, like horses. We do not need to sit down to three meals a day and feel full and then empty. Keep your concentration levels up and graze on fresh fruit or nuts – or milk, that is a favourite of mine. It is filling and full of goodness, that goes back to my Irish roots.

Growing up in Ireland

We lived off the land most of the time. My Mother would prepare fantastic healthy home cooking. But when we would walk home from school me and my brothers and sisters would pick fresh berries and one of the best memories are the wild fresh hazelnuts – just delicious.

Fallon will reveal more about his diet and of course his racing career, its ups and downs , in his new autobiography due out this spring .

“I have always been too modest to think anyone would be interested in a book about me. I was going to write one when I retired, but I do not enjoy signing a book that, whilst it’s about me, is not my full story. Having my face on the front makes people believe I have authored it. I am not happy about this, but that is what a biography is all about – second-hand information. I am looking forward to setting the record straight “

His website tells you more about how to obtain a copy if you are a Racing fan or a Kieren Fallon supporter


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