Rafael Nadal now plays Poker

Rafael Nadal now plays poker to occupy his time while he recuperates from the tendonitis problem that has sidelined him since he exited Wimbledon in June.

The 11 times Grand Slam champion is turning his sights to the online poker world and has signed up to pokerstars.com. The 25 year old may be one of the greatest tennis players but when it comes to poker he is a complete novice.

The website’s members were invited to send videos in, explaining some tricks of the trade to the tennis star as he prepares for his first ever online poker game.

The record breaking French Open champion goes by the name Rafa Nadal on the website and Pokerstars’ members will be able to follow Nadal’s progress as he learns the skills of poker with videos and regular updates posted on the site’s special Rafa Nadal section.


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