World Cup 2011 ticketing update for Irish fans

Fans find out on Monday about RWC 2011 Finals Ballots

The third phase of Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC 2011) ticketing opens on Monday when Rugby fans from around the world, including the large number of Irish fans who applied , will find out if they have been successful in the ballots for tickets to the semi-finals and the Final.

“I know many fans will be nervously awaiting the results of the ballots as these tickets have been highly sought after,” said Martin Snedden, CEO of Tournament Organiser Rugby New Zealand 2011.

The ballots were open to those fans who applied for tickets during the first two phases of RWC 2011 ticketing and who elected to enter into the ballots. Applicants received one entry into each ballot they elected to enter into for each ticket they applied for.

There are 15,000 match tickets available in each of the three ballots. Because each offer will consist of an opportunity to purchase two tickets, a total of approximately 7,500 offers will be issued for each match. Applications were received from just over 60,000 fans.


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