South African boxer dies after title fight

The South Africa boxing world has been left in shock following the death of boxer Anele Makhwelo who passed away as a result of the “subsequent injuries sustained” after his South African Flyweight title challenge against the champion Doctor Ntsele in the Free State last Friday.

Makhwelo was rated as one of the South Africa’s brightest prospects and in 13 previous fights had only lost once, however he forced to retire in the 10th round of his with Ntsele after complaining of cramps in his left leg.

At the end of the 9th round the 22 year old returned to his corner and told his trainer Zola Koti that his left leg was numb, the boxer than appeared to black out forcing his trainer to tell the referee he could not continue.

Makhwelo was rushed to a government hospital before being transferred to a private facility where doctors performed brain surgery however the operation proved unsuccessful and Makhwelo was left brain dead.

The championship fight against Ntsele was his second attempt win the titlee, after his first saw him him suffer the first defeat in his career in April 2010 against the then champion, Xola Sifama.

The death of Anele Makhwelo marks the second death of a boxer after a fight in as little as three years after Samora Msophi died after his SA title fight challenge against Mfundo Gwayana in East London in 2008.

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