Turloughmore beat Portumna in 2012 Galway Hurling Championship

Turloughmore have beaten Portumna in 2012 Galway Hurling Championship quarter final.

Despite Joe Canning scoring twelve points his side were not able to beat the Fergal Moore lead Turloughmore this afternoon.

The sides were level on nine occasions and it was a late point by Gary Burke that helped his team to victory.

Turloughmore hit thirteen wides compared to Portumna’s three, so they were deserving victory.

More to follow.

5;55pm Turloughmore have beaten huge favourites Portumna in the Galway quarter-final, Joe Canning scored 12pts but it was not even for his team.
5:55pm Its now a two point lead for Turloughmore, Portumna will need a goal.
5:54pm Joe Canning hits sideline cut wide, only one minute to play.
5:53pm Two minutes of injury time left to play.
5:51pm Gary Burke has given Turloughmore a lead going into injury time against Portumna, big shock on.
5:50pm Its back level with two minutes to play.
5:49pm Joe Canning with another great point from play, stunning point.
5:48pm Franny Forde has levelled it up for Turloghmore.
5:47pm Its another wide by Turloughmore.
5:45pm Joe Canning with another score, Portumna now lead by one.
5:45pm David Burke hits Turloughmore’s 10th wide, Portumna have only hit one.
5:43pm Joe Canning with another score from play for Portumna.
5:42pm Very poor free from Turloughmore.
5:40pm Joe Canning has levelled it up, but Matthew Keady gives Turloughmore back the lead.
5:38pm With fifteen minutes to play Turloughmore lead Portumna by one point in the Galway hurling quarter final. Joe Canning outstanding for Portumna.
5:32pm Second half underway between portumna and Turloughmore,


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