Ulster Bank Sigerson Team of the Century Chosen

The Ulster Bank Sigerson Cup Team of the Century has been selected. For the selection committee it was a most challenging task to nominate the best 15 to have played over a 100 year period.

Using a combination of historical records including contemporary press reports, personal knowledge of players dating back to the 1940′s and anecdotal evidence, the committee endeavoured to select players who represented their colleges with distinction in the Ulster Bank Sigerson Cup competition during the last century.

The main criteria were a clear commitment to the Ulster Bank Sigerson competition as full time students and the demonstration of superior football quality.

1. Jimmy McGaugran (UCG & Roscommon) 1936-1940

2. Sean Marty Lockhart (UUJ & Derry) 1990′s

3. John O’Keeffe (UCD & Kerry) 1970-1975

4. Sean Flanagan (UCD & Mayo) 1944-1946

5. PJ Duke (UCD & Cavan) 1945-1950

6. Seamus Moynihan (UCC/IT Tralee & Kerry) 1994- 1999

7. Martin Newell (UCG & Galway) 1960-1964

8. Padraig Carney (UCD & Mayo)1945-1950

9. Jim McDonnell (UCD & Cavan) 1950-1954

10. Brendan Lynch (UCC & Kerry) 1968-1972

11. Maurice Fitzgerald (UCC & Kerry) 1987-1990

12. Jackie Walsh (UCD & Kerry)1971-1975

13. Jim Brosnan (UCC & Kerry)1950-1953

14. Sean O Neill (QUB & Down)1958-1965

15. Peter Canavan (St. Mary’s & Tyrone) 1994-1997


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