Video: Rugby Player in Italy hit with three-year ban

The ban is the heaviest administered by the Italian Rugby Federation in 20 years.

In one of the worst incidents of violence on the pitch in recent memory, Argentinian Rugby player Bruno Doglioli has today been retrospectively sanctioned for an appalling act during his side’s matchup versus Padua last Sunday.

The Vicenza player was caught on camera smashing into the back of female referee Maria Benvenuti with a cowardly no-handed tackle, sending the official sprawling to the ground.

Incredibly, Dogliogi was only handed a yellow card at the time, obviously convincing the ref that what he had done was an accident.

Upon looking back over the replay, officials deemed the incident to be a ‘deliberate act of violence’, before reaffirming their zero tolerance stance on any form of violence towards officials.

The IRF have therefore confirmed the heaviest ban in two decades of rugby, ruling the Vicenza captain out of any and all forms of competition for the next three years.

To be completely honest, Doglioli’s punishment doesn’t seem nearly heavy enough.

A player capable of such mindless violence on the pitch, especially towards an official, should never be permitted to play the game again.

The Argentinian is lucky he hasn’t been charged with assaulting Maria Benvenuti.

This tackle goes far beyond sport and proves just how much of a prejudiced coward the Vicenza captain is.



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