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New Football Skills and Professional Coaching App – One2Pro

The app is designed to guide players through a variety of 92 carefully chosen skills from beginner through to advanced level. Players review videos of each skill before practicing and completing them.

Today marks the official launch of One2Pro, a first-of-its-kind football skills application, which gives the opportunity to people of all ages to learn pro football skills in the palm of their hands from anywhere in the world.

In the pro version users are assigned a professional coach who provides feedback, commentary, and a gold, silver, or bronze medal for each completed skill. Videos and instructions are spread across 12 training modules and designed to mirror real-world one-to-one coaching.

The app is the result of a long-held goal and three years’ hard work by former Republic of Ireland U21 youth team and Premier League footballer Aaron Tighe, who played for Luton and Leicester in the 1980s and 90s, before his career was cut short through injury at age 22.

Tighe has also run a renowned skills academy in Perth for more than 18 years, where he trained Australia and Perth Glory first team players Carla Bennett, Trent Ostler and Ciaran Bramwell.

“As a young lad playing football in Tallaght, I always dreamed a professional player or coach would show up and show me the skills and techniques I’d need to make it,” said Tighe, Founder and Owner of One2Pro.

“I got there for a minute anyway, but I wanted to bring the essence of that childhood dream to everyone around the world and enable them to achieve the skill level they wanted, whether that’s to be a pro, bring their best to a five-a-side, or anything in between.”

Tighe leads the team of coaches from across the globe to guide players through the modules. These are designed to be completed in around a year, but players are encouraged to progress at their own pace. All communication takes place within the app for the security and convenience of players and coaches.

Players who reach ‘Legend’ status – by winning a Gold medal in all 12 modules – have the chance for promotion to professional clubs through the coaches’ network and with their recommendation and guidance. Local clubs and schools can also register with the app to provide additional training to their players.

“I believe the popularity of football will only continue to grow, particularly in newer markets,” added Tighe. “It’s particularly encouraging to see growing interest from young girls and women in the sport, as well as a much-needed stronger focus on the women’s game, inspired by the Girls in Green and Katie McCabes of the world.”

The initial trial of the app has been positively received, with users commenting how the app “can be used anywhere and sets a really good foundation to the basics as well providing advanced skills,”; and how it “provides players with the ability to learn from real ex pro players, people who actually know what it takes to play at the highest levels.”

The app is available on iPhone now through the Apple App Store, with versions for Android and other devices to be launched soon. It includes a seven-day free trial, after which it costs less than €13 per month for the pro version, or €7 to access the modules and skills videos.

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