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Why Manchester City is Dominating English Football

Manchester City has become a dominant force in English football. In the past three seasons, they have won the premier league twice, the FA cup once, and the EFL twice. Their dominance was more evident in the 2018-2019 seasons, where they won the treble. 


Therefore, in the last three seasons, City has managed to win more domestic trophies than any other club in the league. But how has Guardiola managed to win all those trophies while there are other competitive teams in the league? The success can be attributed to two factors. 



  • A Strong Squad 



In the last three seasons, Manchester city has boasted of having the strongest squad in English football.  

The team is made up of a long list of world-class players, who are also superstars at the international level. Furthermore, Guardiola has a surplus of these players, with each position having at least two players that can be called upon on any day. This has reduced the possibility of the team’s performance being affected by injuries. All these have resulted in Manchester City owning one of the strongest squad not only in England but also in the world. 


The nature of the squad has given City an advantage on the field. It has allowed Guardiola to pick the strongest lineup each time they compete with other teams. It has also led other teams into fearing City, thereby affecting their confidence every time they face City. 


The factors have played a significant role in helping City win matches every week, thereby enabling them to finish a season with at least one trophy. 



  • Valuing Every Domestic Competition 



The city’s domestic dominance is down to the fact that Guardiola appears to value every domestic competition. This is shown by the lineup he picks for every game. Be it the league, FA, or the EFL, the manager fields a strong squad even when playing against teams from the lower divisions. 

Thus, by choosing to value every competition, unlike other top teams, Guardiola has helped the team dominate even the least valued trophies. This is more evident through the EFL cup which City have won five times out of the last seven.


The practice of valuing every competition has been helpful to punters who like betting on online casinos such as joker 123. This is because they can make wise decisions when it comes to placing a bet involving City. 


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In conclusion, there are two main reasons why Manchester City are dominating English football. First, it is the strong squad that increases the chances of the team winning each match. Secondly, Guardiola values every domestic competition, and so chooses to field a strong team in every game. The practice helps punters who like betting online in casinos such as joker 123 since they can make wise decisions when placing a bet involving City. 


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