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What Are The Benefits Of Winning The Europa League?

What Are The Benefits Of Winning The Europa League? 

It seems that with the UEFA Europa League, you don’t need to actually win the cup to win a substantial amount of money. Although winning is better for many reasons, simply qualifying to participate in the competition can see a club earning substantial amounts of money. So what are the actual benefits of winning the Europa League? Keep reading to find out more! 

The UEFA Europa League Prize Money 2021/2022 

Before the new season, the UEFA Europa League prize money has been announced and it’s a lot better than that of the previous season. The Europa League is Europe’s second-best professional football competition that is played by teams that did not make the cut for the UEFA Champions League. 


The Europa League runs at the same time that the Champions League does and even though it’s a second-tier competition, it has produced some notable winners since it first began. The UEFA Europa League prize money for the winners currently sits at €8 600 000 and the prize money for the team that comes second is €4 600 000. Although this is an impressive amount, the prize money for first place is still less than that of the Champions League. However, the Europa League prize money beats that of the UEFA Europa Conference League. 

The UEFA Europa League Prize Money For 2021/2022 Explained 

Even though many people may not see the Europa League as being as noteworthy as the Champions League, it does still hold some prestige across the world. In fact, one of the best things about the Europa League is that the winners of the competition immediately qualify for a spot in the UEFA Champions League for the next season and they qualify for the UEFA Super Cup. Plus, teams in the Europa League are able to make more money from the start of the group stages all the way up to the knockout stage and even right down to the final match. 


In comparison to other European club soccer competitions, the Europa League uses the same system or method to allocate money and distribute funds to all the teams participating across the continent. Not to forget, the teams in the Europa League also have other opportunities to get money as they get given funds throughout the competition based on their performance. Factors like broadcast rights and adverts also impact how much money the teams earn from the Europa League. 

What Does The UEFA Europa League Prize Money Mean For Smaller Clubs? 

The UEFA Europa League provides an opportunity for smaller football clubs in Europe to earn some additional money from simply participating in the competition, the same way that it’s done in their respective domestic leagues. In some of the lower European leagues, the prize money given to the winners or cup champions does not amount anywhere close to the prize money received in the Europa League. 


Not to mention, the teams that play in the group stages and knockout stages collectively make significantly more money for their club. This is of course an added advantage that helps to boost the financial level for the season. 


Another benefit is the popularity, recognition, and relevance that the Europa League gives the smaller European football clubs. This attar’s more investors, potential partners, and even better advertising, which all in all bring more money to the club. So not only are the smaller clubs making money from playing in the Europa League or winning it, but they also make money from match bonuses, gate keepings from fans, tv rights, deals and so much more!  

What Does The UEFA Europa League Prize Money Mean For Bigger Clubs 

Although the Europa League was created for smaller clubs who could not qualify for the highly revered Champions League, bigger clubs will definitely also benefit from the same benefits. For the bigger clubs who have failed to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League, the Europa League provides them with the perfect avenue to automatically reach the group stages the next season by winning the Europa League. Topsides such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Sevilla, and Villarreal CF have all used this avenue. 


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