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Cricket vs American Pool: Differences and Similarities

The game of cricket is vastly different from American pool, but both are incredibly popular. American pool tends to be played in bars and clubs across the world. Cricket is played outdoors on a ground with teams of 11 players.

Pool is a one-on-one game with two competitors. There is lots of appeal to both sports, depending on whether you like something outdoors and athletic, or prefer to be indoors and more sedentary. Here, we will look in detail at both games and discover whether there are any similarities or whether they are just completely different.

More About Cricket

Cricket is considered a refined game, but it does actually feature a lot of action and adrenaline. World Series and Test cricket receive a lot of media coverage, inspiring a new generation to take up the game.

A single ball is used, which is bowled at the batsmen who must hit it as far as he can. Once the ball is set in motion by the bat, he attempts to get as many runs as possible by running from one end of the pitch to the other. If the ball crosses a boundary line and hits the floor first four points are immediately awarded and his runs no longer count.

If the ball crosses a boundary line but does not hit the floor before doing so then six points are awarded, and his runs no longer count. The opposing team will be fielding, and should they manage to catch the ball before it hits the ground he would be considered out. Both teams take turns on being the batting side, and the fielding side until everybody is out. 

Cricket Rules

There are lots of different complex rules in cricket, it has a high standard of dress code and etiquette, and play is judged by the umpire whose decision is final. Modern cricket often uses a video judge, which can see the wickets and make decisions on whether a ball was in or out or wide et cetera. Test cricket games at a professional level can go on for several days before a winner is established. In that respect it can be a very long game. 

As mentioned, cricket also demands a high standard of dress, it is expected that match games will only ever be played with the players wearing correct cricket whites. A cricket ball is very solid and moves that speed so can also be quite dangerous if it strikes a player. With this in mind there is also a lot of protective gear that they must wear at all times.

When training, players often wear team tracksuits but must still adhere to the rules of padding and helmets in order to ensure there are no injuries. A blow to the head with a cricket ball could potentially be fatal. 

More About American Pool

American pool it is a game played on a table, similar to a snooker table but smaller, and with a different ball arrangement and rules. The American version of the game, which is also known as billiards, should not be confused with the English version of the game which is quite different.

American pool tables feature nylon cloths and pointed cushions which gives the game a faster speed, than its British derivative. The game is played with balls that are 2 1/4 inches, and comparatively quite heavy for the size. At one end of the table 15 numbered balls are arranged in a triangle shape using a plastic or wooden guide, and this is called the rack. The cue ball is hit by player one from the opposite end of the table into the rack and this is called a break.

The rules state that four of the balls must bounce off the cushion on this first hit or it is deemed foul. The first player to pocket a ball, becomes either the spots or the stripes depending on what they have put in the pocket. The turn passes to the next player when a shot is made that does not lead to a ball going into a pocket. Particularly good players may never let their opponent onto the table clearing the whole set of their balls in one long turn. 

American Pool Rules

As you might expect, there are a number of rules and a number of reasons in which you can be declared foul. At this point, the turn passes to the next player. If you miss the balls completely with your shot that is a foul.

When a foul is declared, the opponent may take the white ball and place it anywhere he chooses on the table to resume play. If there is no foul, but the turn ends because a ball has not been potted the next player must just take his shot with the white ball from wherever it landed.

The black ball must stay on the table until one player has potted all of their other balls, if the black ball is accidentally potted the game is lost and the opponent is declared the winner. Pool is always the subject of hustling in movies, where someone pretends to be a complete novice and never played before, places a large bet and then completely cleans up because they are actually somewhat of an expert.

American pool seems to have more of a glamorous side than the British equivalent and is a thoroughly fun game.

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