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Going Back to the Gym After COVID-19: Safety Precautions You Need to Know

There are over 2 million cases of coronavirus in the United States alone. 

It’s a staggering number that has caused the economy to shut down. But now, after months of an economic shutdown, the economy is slowly reopening. 

Barbershops, gyms, and restaurants are finally opening back up. As with everything, there are extra precautions people are taking before they venture out to these businesses, especially gyms. 

It’s important you know what precautions to take before going back to the gym.

The gym will be different, the question is, how different? 

Follow these guidelines to stay safe before returning to the gym.  

Wear a Mask

If you want to avoid exposure to others, in addition to maintaining a distance of 6ft, you should also consider wearing a mask at the gym. 

In fact, the CDC recommends everyone wears a mask when they attend a public event or are going out in public. 

When you wear a mask to the gym, it helps reduce exposure with other people. It helps you maintain a level of safety. 

Reserve a Spot at the Gym

Before you head to the gym, it’s important to call ahead and see if there is a limit capacity. That way you can reserve a spot at the gym. 

You should also ask how the gym is cleaned and how often it is cleaned. That way you clearly understand the policies and what action they are taking when they are cleaning the gym. 

You should also ask if you can use the locker room or bathroom

Clean After Working Out

If you are allowed to use your local gym, you should bring some items with you. For instance, you should consider bringing your own sweat cloth and your own cleaning solution spray. 

In addition, after your workout, you should wipe down the machine you used. Clean it thoroughly.  

You should also clean the machines before using them because the person who used it before may not have cleaned it thoroughly. 

Wearing Gloves

Lastly, you should also consider wearing disposable gloves when you workout. It can limit the number of germs you touch, especially if someone used a workout machine before you. 

You should also wash your hands after removing the gloves. In fact, you should wash your hands before and after using any equipment with or without gloves. 

Here are some more tips for Gym Newbies

Keep These Guidelines in Mind Before Going Back to the Gym

These precautions and guidelines can help you limit contact with others in order to reduce your chance of catching COVID-19. While these recommendations may seem extensive, you have to remember that the world is different after COVID-19. 

Ultimately, taking these precautions can protect you and others when you’re comfortable going back to the gym. You may be asymptomatic, which is why you should take these precautions to protect others. 

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