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How Playing Volleyball can Help Boost Health and Endurance

Be it enjoyed as an indoor game, on beach or grass, volleyball is undoubtedly a real-fun sport to play.

Besides the fun-facts, it is an excellent alternative to stay strong and healthy. Playing volleyball in an indoor court or a field is not just about spending some good time with your mates, it also comes with a handful of health benefits that boosts your endurance. And you would hardly assume it as a form of physical exercise! It is enjoyable, engaging, and at the same time, proper utilization of time boosting your overall wellbeing. Whether you are a master player, member of your high school team, or a beginner, putting on the perfect court specific shoes will assist you to be in your best form and boost your performance by offering stability, flexibility, and support.

Volleyball Helps Improve Your Health and Endurance

Besides being a fabulous way of getting involved in social activities, this sport also lets you grow stamina every time you get into court. Let’s dive into how this ‘game of sophistication’ can help boost your energy and physique condition.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

No matter whether you are practicing indoors, or on the beach, playing volleyball is a fabulous way of cardiovascular exercise. While playing volleyball, you get involved in actions, like running, jumping, or, squatting that can significantly develop your lung and heart condition by increasing oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body. When your cardiac and respiratory systems are strengthened, your physique can combat illnesses like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and many more.

Burns Calories and Fat

Not only can cardiovascular activities help to maintain the right shape of your body, but a combination of cardio-exercise with strength training is also significantly beneficial to burn the excess calories. Practicing volleyball keeps your body in continuous action that lets your calorie expenditure surpass the calories you consume. A study of the Harvard Medical School says, depending on your weight, you can burn anywhere from 90-133 calories by playing non-competitive volleyball for 30 minutes while a competitive one will let you burn 120-178 calories. So to say, this fun-game is also an excellent way to maintain your weight and burn excess fat.

Strengthens and Tones Muscles

The game of volleyball comprises a lot of physical movements that help you develop your muscular performance and tones the body. The actions include passing, bumping, setting, spiking, attacking, or serving the ball that mimic a full-body workout aiming to strengthen and tone your upper and lower body, arms, wrist, thighs, abdomen, and shoulder. A piece of research targeting 11 players playing beach volleyball for 12 weeks found that they had gained more endurance, muscle strength, knee extension, and flexibility.

Boosts Intake of Healthy Nutrients

This sport demands a lot of strength and endurance. To supply the body with the required energy, players should take on a diet enriched with a sufficient amount of protein and calories excluding trans fat. An intake balanced with vitamins and minerals works great for volleyball players. Again their diet also incorporates good carbohydrates and proteins to supply the required stamina.

You have to be agile and get involved in various activities and maintain excellent upper body strength for better performance. Thus, your metabolic rate increases to generate energy, build your muscle and avoid injuries. When you play volleyball and ensure healthy nutrients, you can improve your strength, burn the excess fat, and combat diseases.

Improves Joint Health

If you are suffering from joint or arthritic pain, practising volleyball can offer you a great relief. Based on the way you play, this low impact game will help you strengthen your arms and legs to offer better joint strength. Before you kick off, ensure you go through a decent warm-up to make your joints prepared for the sport.

Boosts Your Strength and Flexibility

You have to target distinct muscles to enhance your vitality and flexibility. As already said, playing volleyball is a fabulous way for a full-body workout that helps you grow strong coordination among muscles to develop energy and flexibility.

Things You Need to Play Volleyball

Whether you are playing it professionally or recreationally, you need some pieces of equipment to start. Some of the necessary gears involve:


You will require a volleyball net to kick off the game. You can get nets sold in sets that may incorporate the net itself, the ball, carry bag, and tension straps to offer you effortless storage.

The Ball

You may get a half-decent ball with the net set, but if you are determined to ramp up your performance, you may need a high-quality volleyball.

Knee Pads

Putting on knee pads is a must while practising on a rough surface or an indoor court. Thus you can avoid injuries and keep your joints safe to play for longer.


You may not need a suitable pair of shoes for playing beach volleyball, but playing on a rough surface or court demands volleyball shoes. Such shoes offer breathability, better stability, and flexibility while running or jumping, thus keep your ankles and feet safe.


Volleyball is simultaneously a fabulous way of enjoyment and improving your health and endurance for overall wellbeing. 


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