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Ireland still thinking about Esports

Lets quickly set the scene. Ireland is not immediately the most popular eSports destination, but the current explosion of the sector is definitely driving interest. The country has helped co-host several gigs with the UK to host several competitive events, as reported by eSports News UK.

Looking at the earning potential of the country and its results so far, Ireland is definitely a laggard compared to the UK, but this is no reason for alarm as we expect the eddies of brand rights, merchandise sale and more to accumulate and become an unstoppable force promising to spearhead the sector. 

A Look at the Irish Pros

However, every nation needs its professionals in order to make a splash. While you may not appreciate the total earnings generated by the top names of the Irish gaming scene immediately, there is a clear trend – Irish gamers prefer shooters. They have been able to compete and notch up some respectable numbers in the process.

For instance, Jordan “Jurd” Crowley has made a name for himself in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Conran “Rannerz” Tobin has been able to earn almost $20,000 in his stint in FIFA 18, making him quite the gross winners by all estimates.

Looking at the numbers it’s hard to say that Ireland is not trying to be in the eye of the eSports storm. Au contraire, the trend is now quite palpable. Despite the low-profile Irish gamers keep their earnings range between $1,000 and $200,000, which gives teeth to the industry. 

And yet, we haven’t seen as many of our fellow countrymen aspire to great titles nor have we seen a team put together to represent us in the new and exciting titles in the world of competitive video gaming.

Fortnite and PUBG

The revolution that Fortnite and PUBG have invited is quite exciting indeed. There’s little doubt that the pair is popular in Ireland as well. With the newly announced $100 million tournaments for Fortnite, we may expect another upswing in the overall interest for the title. 

However, will that be enough to see Ireland put together a team? The newly-coined WSOE launched by ESP Gaming promises to bring competitive action every month and help create rivalries between teams for multiple titles. This may as well be the time that Ireland considers a more serious push towards the segment as well, given the unstoppable popularity it has been exhibiting.


A Thing for the Fans

Even if you haven’t got the time to play these days, eSports is accumulating all the trappings of traditional sports. With this in mind, it’s not uncommon to see bookmakers open new markets targeting eSports precisely. 

However, getting a hold of the intricate activity, i.e. betting on the outcome of video games competition may often be something over your head. There exist useful esports betting guidelines which will help you get a better feeling of what the top reliable bookies out there are. 

Of course, when it comes to picking a market and a title to wager on, extra caution would be advised. We recommend turning to dedicated guides that elaborate on the subtleties of wagering on specific titles in detail.

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