It’s time you elevated your betting!

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So, you enjoy a flutter on the weekend football but you don’t seem to be very successful – like many of us. Whilst sports betting is rarely seen as income, but rather a hobby, there are some ways to improve your financial success. Here are some of the main tips on how to elevate your betting game, starting with some help from Match.Center.


Promotions + Having Multiple Accounts

So, we kick off with a double tip that marries together: have multiple betting accounts. The benefits of this are numerous, but first and foremost this is a way to make the most of promotions. As seen in the Match.Center page, almost every betting company has its own promotional offers and they often revolve around signing up. Given that there’s no downside to having multiple accounts, make use of all the promotional offers that you can for some free value/free bets.


But, it’s also important beyond just the promotions. Having multiple accounts means that you can opt for the company that is offering the best odds for the bet you want to make. Make sure to double-check your bet across multiple sites.


Single bets and underdogs

Generally, the more bets we make, the more we are relying on luck and randomness. Yet, as we know, this is where the bookies have an edge over us. Where we can gain our edge is with very specific knowledge in certain situations. For example, most people who bet on UFC when Conor McGregor are likely to be casuals who only watch the sports when Conor is on. This can sway the odds in his favour because of his popularity.


This is a situation where you may find the underdog on a single bet to be great value. Because it’s just one bet, there’s less randomness involved, and more chance that your better-than-average knowledge is going to pay dividends.


Live bets and timing

Live bets are another way that the previous point can be capitalised on. For example, watching a game of football in which a team is winning, but clearly looks like they’re struggling to keep hold of the lead, may be a situation where the odds on a draw are favourable. Live betting opens up a tonne of new betting scenarios.


The opposite of live betting would be to bet way in advance of an event. This is where things get interesting. If we go back to the Conor McGregor example, it’s common that the fan-favourite will begin trading at more rational odds, until floods of people begin placing bets on that fan-favourite. This will change the odds, making them shorter, and in turn making the underdog odds more profitable over time. So, if you want to bet on the fan-favourite, you may want to get in there as early as possible, whilst the underdog may become better odds over time.


Know when to stop

Knowing when to stop isn’t just about managing your losses, but it’s also about managing your wins. If you can cash out for €2000 on your €10 bet, waiting around for the full payout of €5000 may be reckless. Generally, cashing out is worse value and a way for the bookies to reduce your winnings, but it can often be worth it in the event of large winnings from a small bet – it would make less sense for a large, single bet on the fan-favourite, though.

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