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Mo Farah has one last chance for Olympics

The Olympic champion needs to make the qualifying time in Manchester at the British Athletics Championships

The 38-year-old, Mo Farah has won four Olympic gold medals in 5,000m and 10,000m races, getting medals in Rio de Janeiro and London.

Farah is struggling to make the qualifying time after recovering from an ankle injury.

He needs to break a time of 27 minutes 28 seconds to qualify and fight to retain his title in Japan.

The runner came close after running 27:50.64 at the British 10,000m Championships on the 5th of June.


His last chance to make the team going to Japan next month will be on the 24th June at the British Athletics Championships. Qualification for the competition ends on 27th June.

Farah still feels hopeful that he can retain his title if he qualifies.

The gold medallist quit running on the track so that he could focus on the longer marathon race in 2017.

Farah told Sky Sports:

“At the same time, if it is in a situation like now, then there’s no choice but I believe if I get my head down in the next three or four weeks, knuckle down, get this little (ankle) niggle out the way and then hopefully we should be alright.”


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