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Things To Consider When Choosing A Bike

Bicycles can be considered as one of the greatest inventions on earth. Many years back, bicycles were necessary because people had no other means of transportation but through a bike. 

Today, the bike has evolved in terms of its features and its functions. Try walking to a bicycle shop, and you’re guaranteed to be confused with all of the available options that are right in front of you.

If you’ve long wanted to purchase a bike, it pays to be well informed about the necessary functions that you need to take into consideration. That way, you don’t end up with a bike that you’re only going to regret.

To help you out, here are some of the factors that you must consider when choosing a bike: 

  1. New Or Used?

Before going into more in-depth specifics of a bike’s features, you can immediately narrow your selection by asking yourself whether or not it’s a brand-new bike that you need. Especially when this is your first time getting into biking, you may not be sure that this is something you want to get into. 

When you’re still testing out the waters, save yourself that financial worry of buying an expensive bike by purchasing a used bike first.  

If you’re keen on buying a used bike, have in mind the following points:

  • The distance the bike has covered.
  • The frequency of repairs, if any.
  • The overall condition of the bike, if it’s still worth buying. 
  1. Location Of Use

The best BMX bikes today are equipped with features that best go along with the riding that you’ll do. It’s important to ask yourself, where do I intend to ride my bike? Are you after city driving to bring yourself to and from work? Long-distance driving on flat roads in the countryside? Rugged, mountainous terrain for mountain riding? 

Knowing what you’ll do to your bike based on the terrain can help you narrow down your options. The moment you walk into the bike shop, you can immediately tell the sales representative what you’re looking for. That way, when it’s time to step out into the world after restrictions as of writing are over, you can have a bike that’s the perfect match for your intended use. 

  1. Right Size

There’s no universal size of a bike that fits everyone. Often, this choice would be dependent on the primary user of the bike. While biking is an excellent form of exercise, if it’s not made to fit your size, you’re going to be uncomfortable. At the very least, you won’t even enjoy using your bike anymore.

When you shop for a bike, it’s imperative, therefore, that you try them out. If you need to have a custom-sized one, then be open to that possibility as well.

With the right bike size, you’re not only preventing any discomfort but also saves yourself the possibility of any injuries. So, be sure that you have the perfect size for the following:

  • Saddle
  • Handlebar height
  • Frame size
  • Pedal position 

To end up with the right fit, here are some tips to guide you:

  • Take your body measurements with your legs fully extended so that you can have a comfortable riding position.
  • To prevent neck and shoulder pain, work on the seat angle adjustment.
  • Ensure that the handlebar is of the same height as your seat so that you can develop a good riding position.
  1. Bike Anatomy

The bike is composed of many parts, and each one of these has many options for you to choose from. Because this is a very technical choice, you need to have the assistance of sales personnel to make the right choice.

  • The bike frame is the heart of the bike. Here, you can choose from either metal frames or carbon fiber. The latter option is generally the most expensive one.
  • The bike suspension is of particular importance when you know you’re going for a rough trail. 
  • The wheels of the bike are fixed at rubber, but you can make customizations about the rims.
  • The bike’s contact points include the seat or the saddle, the pedals of which you can choose between flat, toe-clips or clipless, and the handlebar and stem.
  • The brakes usually come in three types – coaster hub, rim, and disk brakes. The choice here will depend on the manner you intend to use your bike for.


With these tips to guide you, the process of buying a bike will no longer have to be that difficult. Plus, you also have that higher assurance of walking home with the bike that you know you’re going to love. 

All these factors considered, keep in mind that the choice of a bicycle is entirely personal. You have to feel that the bike is the one you genuinely know to be yours for years to come.

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