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Top 3 Background Removal Tools to Edit Your Sports Visuals

Background removal might seem like a challenging process that requires designer skills, a lot of time, and high precision. But it doesn’t have to be this way. These days, there are plenty of online tools that can erase an image backdrop in less than a minute.

Read further to figure out when you might need them and discover top online bg removers like Depositphotos to consider.

Why you might need to use free background removal tools

The process of background removal


In 2022, the global content marketing industry revenue was estimated at roughly $63 billion. These numbers keep growing as time goes on and clearly indicate the importance and popularity of content marketing.


Content has to be diverse and appealing to perform well. That’s why sometimes you need to edit visuals to help them match your texts. In this case, you might need to use fast background remover tools.

You can use online background removers for the following:

  1. Professional photography. Removing the background can help enhance the overall aesthetics, allow viewers to focus on the main subject, and make images suitable for portfolios or promotional material.
  2. Product visuals for e-commerce. Photos used for websites and in product catalogs usually need to have a transparent or single-colored background so the potential could focus on the products’ features better. Background picture remover tools can help prepare such images. Furthermore, some of these tools have batch removal options, allowing you to process lots of visuals at once.
  3. Graphic design projects. Erasing image backgrounds can prepare them for further use in design projects. For instance, designers can use such images in promotional materials, advertisements, or branding assets.
  4. Social media visuals. Your social media posts need to not only stand out but also align with your branding. Removing the background of visuals allows you to easily integrate them with your social media templates and ensure an appealing and wholesome grid.
  5. Website design. Background removal tools play a crucial role in optimizing visuals for website design. Images without background help designers maintain a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look across web pages and, therefore, the overall user experience.
  6. Photo customization. Stock photos are one of the most popular choices for content marketing visuals. However, some of such images also perform worst of all visual formats. This includes generic and staged photos. But even such pictures can be improved with the help of background removers. You can erase their backdrop and add them to your graphic designs or personal creative art projects, such as photo collages.

FAQ: How do you pick the best background removal tool?

The choice of the best background remover depends on your specific requirements, the complexity of the images you’re working with, and preferred features. You should pay attention to factors like accuracy, ease of use, additional editing capabilities, and whether the tool aligns with your project needs. Test a few tools and explore their functionalities to pick the one best for your workflow.

FAQ: Why are AI-based editing tools great for background removal?

AI-based editing tools have advanced algorithms that can intelligently identify and separate foreground objects from their backgrounds. These tools use machine learning to continuously improve accuracy and become even more efficient and adaptable for various types of images.

3 automatic background removal tools to try

Graphic designer’s workplace


Web-based background remover tools are one of the best beginner-friendly solutions available. They can be accessed from any device with a stable internet connection and deliver precise results in less than a minute.


If you want to try working with such tools, consider one of the following options.

  1. Depositphotos Background Remover

This online tool created by Depositphotos is a free solution that can be used by both beginner and professional creators. It supports raster images in PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WebP file formats that weigh up to 30 MB.


Depositphotos Background Remover uses neural networks and advanced machine learning algorithms to quickly distinguish the foreground from the background and eliminate the letter. Due to that, its results are very precise, even with complex visuals that depict hair and fur. The tool doesn’t offer batch processing but allows you to erase backgrounds for free and download high-quality results after registration.

  1. Slazzer

Slazzer background remover is another choice for those seeking quick and accurate results. The tool allows you to delete image backdrops, blur them, and replace them with other visuals or single colors.


Slazzer has custom presets for visuals with people, cars, products, animals, real estate, and graphics. It can be integrated with Sketch and Figma via API to enable in-app background removal. However, to download the results in HD, you’ll have to purchase credits.

  1. PicWish

PicWish is another high-quality background remover that also offers several extra editing options, such as photo enhancement, retouching, and image compressing. To unlock these options, you need to register, either manually or by using your Google or Facebook account.


PicWish allows you to select customized removal for images with products, people, cars, animals, and graphics. It has an online version, a Windows app, and phone apps for iOS and Android. To download HD results, you’ll have to purchase credits.

FAQ: What is the best open-source background remover?

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful open-source graphic editing software that offers many features, including background removal. It is a great option for those who are seeking open-source solutions.

To sum up

Online background removers can help you quickly eliminate visuals’ backdrops, preparing them for further usage in product visuals, graphic and web design projects, social media, and other niches. Try one of the online tools listed in this article to see how they work and to enhance your content strategy with high-quality visuals.

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