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Top 3 Spurs Players That Became Social Media Stars

Sports are extremely popular on all platforms where fans can find their favorite teams, companies and even individual players.

Social media are important for not only getting closer to sport mega stars, but also to build a strategy of forecasting results of future matches. It is possible to try bet online and start betting on the most popular kinds of sport, such as soccer. But in order to get more information surrounding specific players, it is important to follow your favorite sportsman on social media. 

Considering how many there are in the UK alone, fans of the Spurs should at least learn about the best of the best. There are 3 players that have dragged much more attention from users for their unique likeness, talent and charisma. Be sure to discover some interesting facts surrounding pages of these stars. 

Who Is The Most Popular Of Them All?

With over 850 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the Premier League has built an enormous social media presence. Fueled by a global fanbase hungry for behind-the-scenes content, many top-flight players now rival A-list celebrities for online popularity. Tottenham Hotspur boasts some of the biggest English soccer stars when it comes to social media, using their large personal platforms to connect with supporters worldwide.

Among the top soccer players that have the biggest audiences of online users, there are:

  • Harry Kane;
  • Dele Alli;
  • Ben Davies.

Leading Spurs’ social media charge is Harry Kane with nearly 30 million total followers. The England captain and striker utilizes Twitter and Instagram to offer match reactions, interact with fellow players and provide lighthearted updates on his young family. During Tottenham’s 2019 run to the Champions League final, Kane’s Instagram alone gained over one million new fans who tracked his journey to Madrid.

Alongside promotional posts tagged by sponsors like Beats and Hugo Boss, Kane posts candid shots hanging out with teammates and his two young daughters – visual content his 5.1 million Instagram followers eagerly ‘like’ and comment on. Kane also uses Twitter to engage directly with Spurs supporters, responding positively to fans and running monthly giveaways of signed jerseys. At this moment, he has left the club, but he will always be a part of the history for many fans all over the UK. 

While Kane commands social media using his status as England’s biggest star, Spurs teammate Dele Alli has built an online persona as the Premier League’s top prankster. The 24-year old attacking midfielder posts hilarious videos on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to his 11 million combined followers. Footage showing Alli fooling Tottenham staff and fellow players with pranks like fake handshakes and string traps has generated over 100 million views across platforms.

Alli’s accounts give fans a comedic glimpse behind the scenes while traveling with Spurs on away matches or during downtime at the club’s training complex. Increasing his YouTube activity during pandemic lockdowns kept followers entertained and strengthened his personal brand as England’s biggest online jokester. Frequently posting fresh viral content has accelerated Alli’s social media growth in 2022, adding over 2 million new followers.

Rounding out Spurs’ leading trio is fullback Ben Davies with 3.2 million Twitter and Instagram supporters. While the Wales international engages less frequently than Kane and Alli, his verified accounts boast an impressive 111000 likes per Instagram post – the highest average on the team. Sponsored content intermixes with fun candid moments like Davies’ tweets showing off his teammates’ questionable fashion choices.

A down-to-earth presence online, Davies also interacts directly with Welsh supporters by tweeting in his native language. During Tottenham’s 2019 run to the Champions League Final and Wales’ euphoric ride to the Euro 2016 semi-finals, Davies’ Twitter following surged by over 500 thousand Spurs and Wales fans clearly value his insight straight from the source while international brands like Adidas leverage Davies’ strong social activity within key demographics.

Why These Players Are Important For Promoting Sports?

While players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar dominate global social media thanks to enormous fanbases, Kane, Alli and Davies have cultivated their own distinctive brands with Premier League and country supporters. Offering different flavors of behind-the-scenes access, comedic novelty and grassroots engagement, Spurs’ biggest stars build deep connections with fans through the phones in their pockets. Harnessing the power and reach of platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, these players turn the beautiful game into a 24/7 experience that energizes millions across the world.

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