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Top 8 Sports Video Games of All Time

There is something interesting about video sport games. They allow you to live a life as a professional athlete, to play and win all from the comfort of your home. There is no need to say that over time there were million sport games released. As you would assume, creating a list of the top 8 titles sounds impossible. Let’s see did we reach your expectations.


  • FIFA 10


FIFA 10 is far from the first title in the franchise. As a matter of fact, it is the 17th. However many of you will say it is the best. The game offered stunning graphics back in a day. It introduced Virtual pro and Manager Mode and it was loaded with various, additional options gamers love. The game simply makes football gaming better than ever before. If you are looking to download sports games, make sure this one is on your list as well. In addition, the game is developed for PS23, PS 3 Wii and Xbox.


  • Madden 2006


Madden 2006 is or better said it was a revolutionary game back in a day. It introduced a Superstar Mode which made the game more popular than any similar developments. In this mode, a player would control a rookie athlete, guide him through the process, schedule interviews, complete IQ tests and all of that in order to make him a superstar. The game was released in 2006 for various platforms which include Windows, Nintendo, Sony and etc. 


  • Punch-Out!!


Punch-Out!! It is the full and real name of this game, so marks are mandatory in this case scenario. The main fact why the game was so popular and why it is so important is the presence of Mike Tyson. Many will claim that the game made him as popular as he will ever be. Other than this, we can mention that the game was developed by Nintendo for Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1987. It is filled with adrenaline and stunning punches. 


  • MVP Baseball 2005


The game was released in 2005 for Sony lay Station, Game Cube, Windows and several other platforms. It allows gamers to play an owner mode. Here you are responsible for controlling little league franchises, completely. You could even change the color of your stadium if you didn’t like the old color. Although sound perfect, the game was stable and appealing to play although there were some minor bugs in the first versions. Yes, there are bigger leagues present in the game as well. Players can pick the one they like and go with suitable and corresponding gaming. The game was developed by EA Vancouver and considered one of the best games of this kind. 


  • NBA 2K11


NBA 2K11 is a game released in 2010 for PS 2, PS 3, Windows and also Xbox 360. You could play this game on Sony PSP as well. The game is popular and it has been desirable development thanks to the better graphics than similar titles, much more sophisticated my player section and the fact it used more appropriate engine. What this means is that AI opponents play more realistically and make gaming better, obviously. This game was sold in over 5.5 million copies. In a nutshell, the game offered more realistic gaming, better features, and more demanding opponents. Countless new controls were introduced to the game and all combined made the game so appealing. 


  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 gives you a complete option when it comes to leading Tony Hawk’s character through the game. As a player your mission is simple. You will have to perform successful, simple or complicated tasks depending on the level you are at. Once you have completed successful stunts, you can make a profit and you can use it to make various improvements and modifications. You were able to improve your character, your skate and therefore your game. This is one of the older games that has compatible versions for some of the best, retro consoles. The main ones are Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and Sony Play Station. An interesting fact is that this game is also available for iOS, old smartphones and tablets. 


  • Snowboard Super Cross 3


Snowboard Super Cross 3 offers new and more appealing tricks, better graphics, more cameras and more possibilities for the players. It was released in 2003 for Game Boy Advance, Xbox One, Gamer Cube, and Sony PlayStation. The game was developed by EA Canada and became a successful title we all liked to play. It wasn’t the first game of its kind, but it offered all the right ingredients and animations that were breathtaking. 


  • Mario Tennis 64


Mario Tennis 64 game must be on any list. It was released in 2000 and it was designed by Shūgo Takahashi. The developers were Camelot Software Planning and Nintendo. Compatibility is therefore limited and gamers were able to play this game on Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 only. No other platforms were supported. The game was different and probably more special than any other. There is no need to include the obvious. This is a tennis game only and yes you would play with Mario’s character. The gaming is better thanks to clever control mechanisms. You would use A and B buttons to send the ball in specific directions. Players will also use a combination of other buttons and pressing A and B at the same time to make more complicated movements and shoots. 


These 8 games were epic and they still are. They are stunning due to so many reasons. You would play any sport you like, you were able to advance and to become better in the league and so much more. We did have an impossible task on our hands, but we hope to have it completed successfully. All the games here were sold in million and million copies and they made children from all parts of the globe perfectly happy. 


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