Top Five Cities To Play Golf in Europe

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While we can mostly agree that America is the centre of golf, mainly because of the popularity of the U.S.-based PGA Tour, we should not overlook Europe as the home of many beautiful golf courses. You cant beat getting your travel bag ready and going travelling around europe


Looking for a golf trip to Europe? Here are the top five cities you should consider.

Number 5: Sciacca, Sicily, Italy


In the southern coast of Sicily is a small town of Sciacca, a historic fishing port, and today a home of three new world-class courses in Verdura Golf Club. There are two 18-hole courses and one 9-hole Par 3 course.


The view from the coast of Sicily is simply breathtaking, and the Verdura Golf Club is indeed one of the best chance to enjoy rounds of golf in the Mediterranean.


The 18-hole courses at Verdura Golf Club have been famous for their challenge, and it is a must-play for any golfers who also wants to enjoy the coastal beauty of Sicily.

Number 4: Antalya, Turkey


Antalya was a major port in Roman Empire’s time, and now is one of Turkey’s biggest resort cities, with no shortage of large five-starred hotels and tourism spots.


Antalya is the home of Montgomerie Maxx Royal Course, the number 1 course in Turkey, and deemed one of the most beautiful and luxurious courses in Europe.


It is built by Colin Montgomerie, eight-time European Tour Order of Merit winner, in cooperation with the European Golf Design. Thus, there is no doubt about the design and quality of the course.


The Montgomerie Maxx Royal is indeed a true beauty, one of the most well-designed courses in Europe and in the world. Antalya is also rich with historical spots and modern resorts, with many historic buildings from the Roman era.

Number 3: Girona, Spain


With so many notable golf courses, we can arguably say that Spain is the capital of golf in Europe. Girona is located in the Catalonia region of Spain, one hour driving away from Barcelona.


Girona is the home of PGA Catalunya, a course deemed as must-play by many golfers all around the world. This is ideal if you want to practice your latest golf tips.


No wonder, it is both challenging and beautiful, surrounded by the famous Catalonia landscape. The PGA Catalunya is the strongest contender to host the 2022 Ryder Cup, so there is no doubt about the competitive quality.


Expect excellent conditions from this course, a lot of memorable holes, and greens that are so fast and true.


It is also a short distance away from Spain’s tourism capital in Barcelona, so there will be no shortage of touristy spots and entertainments.

Number 2: Pylos, Greece


Pylos is the home of top-rated Costa Navarino Course, designed by Bernhard Langer, a former US Masters Champion, and Ryder Cup Captain. Not only it is challenging, but it is located within a beautiful landscape with amazing river and sea views.


The 18-hole course is indeed one of the best in Europe and is a fan favorite among many. With an overall score of 83,1, there are two signature courses in Costa Navarino. The Dunes Course is 6,018 meters (6,581 yards) long and is impressively wide with almost 5,500 yards of width.


The Bay course is a par-71 course, measuring at 6,300 yards long. Both are excellent to amateurs and pros alike, and will definitely be a challenge as well as a beautiful sightseeing view.


There are also many tourism spots to enjoy in Pylos, from ancient aqueducts to museums to beautiful islands.

Number 1: Mallorca, Spain


The largest island of the Balearic archipelago is the home of three world-class golf courses:


  • The Golf Son Gual S.L is located in Palma, capital of Mallorca, featuring 156-hectares of beautiful landscape designed by Thomas Himmel

  • Arabella Golf Son Vida is the oldest golf course in Palma de Mallorca, having been built in 1964, yet it is still one of the best in Spain and Europe

  • Canyamel Golf is an excellent 18-hole course located in Canyamel. Located in the countryside, you can enjoy both nature and the game with one stroke


Slightly to the north of Mallorca is the town of Alcudia, home of what’s deemed the best of the best golf course in Europe: Club de Golf Alcanada


Not to mention, Mallorca is one of the best tourism spots in Spain, where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, historical spots, and the seaside capital of Palma de Mallorca.


If you have to choose only one city to play in Europe, Mallorca is the obvious choice.

Bottom Line


Besides the five cities we mentioned, there are a lot more beautiful golf course you can enjoy in Europe. If you want to also enjoy the view of the alps, you might want to consider Ramsau, Austria or Stühlingen, Germany.


There is certainly an appeal of golfing in Europe you can’t get from playing in the States, and we definitely encourage you to give it a try. Don’t forget that you can also enjoy the many tourist spots and beautiful resorts spread across Europe.


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