Bitcoin Slots Tournaments That You Can Really Get Into


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Picture a group of players smashing the buttons on slot machines trying to go as quickly as they can on to the next spin. They are hardly even paying attention to if the bet was won or lost. The scene you are picturing is one of a slot machine tournament in a brick and mortar casino. These tournaments can get very wild as the time starts to tick down for the players to compete. 


Every player in that tournament is attempting to win as many points as possible so as to boost their ranking on the leaderboard in the tournament. The better they do on the leaderboard, the more prize money they can take home as a result. This is a big reason why some players get some hurried into playing as many spins as possible. 


Some of that same dynamic now exists on as well. They do offer highly popular slot tournaments for players to join in on and trying to win some Bitcoin into their account. There is a total prize pool of two Bitcoin up for grabs whenever a person enters into one of these tournaments. That might not sound like a lot at first, but you have to consider the value of even a single one of those coins. Here lately they have been trading into the thousands of dollars a piece. 


The tournaments pit players against each other to win their share of those two Bitcoins. Interestingly, they are also wagering Bitcoins to get into the tournament in the first place as well. 


There are very few online casinos that offer this kind of competition. Most prefer to just give their players straight up casino games that they could find anywhere else. That is not all that much fun when you think about it. There are just too many other casinos that are doing the same thing. Instead, it is for the best to have players have the option to get involved with these tournaments. does things so much differently from other casinos. They are always the first in line to offer their players exactly what they want. They understood for example that there was a big demand for the ability to use Bitcoin to gamble with online in the first place. While other casinos still operate with credit cards, knows that getting money onto gambling sites via credit card is still quite difficult for many US players. Instead, they decided to offer them the Bitcoin options that they have today. Doing so has permitted them to get more involved with the action. 


Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. This means there is not as much hassle loading money onto the site or taking it off. That is the real test of how good a gambling site really is. has stood the test of time on this particular issue. 


The slot tournaments are held on a weekly basis. If you are already too late for this week’s tournament, at least you know that there is another one coming just around the corner. That is the kind of thing that can change your attitude in a hurry. 


If you do decide to join in one of these tournaments make sure to keep a close eye on the leaderboards. They are updating all the time as new players join in and as people accumulate points. Spotting your name near the top is a rewarding moment when you realize that you will win some prize money if that is how the final rankings pan out.

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