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Hurling Qualifiers Result- Clare hang on to beat Wexford

All-Ireland SHC Qualifiers Round 1 – Clare hung on to beat Wexford by 3pts at Semple Stadium.


  • 74′

    Full time Clare 2-25 Wexford 2-22

  • 74′

    Lee Chin gets a conciliation GOAL for Wexford

  • 70′

    Gary Cooney wins it for Clare, he hits a GOAL with his first touch

  • 70′

    Three min injury time

  • 70′

    Three min injury time

  • 70′

    Dunbar hits his 5th point

  • 69′

    Stunning free from Tony Kelly

  • 69′

    Awful wide by Flood

  • 68′

    Chin brings it back to 3pts

  • 67′

    Rogers extends the Clare lead to 4pts

  • 66′

    Lee Chin brings it back to 3pt game

  • 65′

    Clare wide

  • 64′

    Two wides from Wexford

  • 61′

    Rory OConnor point from half way, four in it

  • 60′

    Chin 65

  • 57′

    Wide from Lee Chin from a free, Wexford might need a goal.

  • 55′

    Tony Kelly makes it a 6pt lead

  • 53′

    Super score from the sideline by Taylor

  • 53′

    4pts in it at the Water break

  • 53′

    Le Chin free

  • 51′

    Reidy point for Clare, 1-16 to 1-21

  • 49′

    Super score from Lee Chin, thats 8 on the day

  • 49′

    Soft free for Clare, back to 5pts

  • 46′

    Dunbar with another score, Jack OConnell onto the Wexford team

  • 46′

    Lee Chin gets a much needed score for Wexford

  • 45′

    All of a sudden its back to six points

  • 45′

    All of a sudden its back to six points

  • 45′

    Poor puck out and Kelly edges Clare 5pts up

  • 43′

    McCarthy with a great score for Clare

  • 43′

    Kelly puts Clare back to 3pts ahead

  • 39′

    Back to 2pts, 8 in a row for Wexford

  • 39′

    Rory O\’Connor gets Wexford within 3pts, stunning score

  • 38′

    Conor McDonald opens the second half scoring

  • 35′

    Clare 1-15 Wexford 1-10 at half time

  • 35′

    Two min injury time

  • 35′

    Dunbar with his third from play, five in a row from Wexford and five in it

  • 34′

    Chin with another free, back to six

  • 33′

    Dunbar with his second point, 7pts in it

  • 32′

    Lee Chin free

  • 31′

    Lee Chin from play

  • 30′

    Tony Kelly puts Clare 10pts up

  • 27′

    Shanaher responds for Clare

  • 27′

    Good free from Lee Chin

  • 25′

    Taylor hits Clare 9pts up

  • 21′

    O’Keefe with a great GOAL for Wexford

  • 21′

    Tony Kelly responds with a Clare free

  • 19′

    Lee Chin point from a free, they need more from thier star man

  • 18′

    McCarthy hits his second point

  • 18′

    Shanaher becomes the 8th Clare player to score

  • 18′

    Clare 9pts up at the first water break

  • 16′

    Dunbar with a nice score, Wexford trail by 8pts

  • 15′

    McCarthy hits another Clare point

  • 15′

    Lee Chin with a much needed point

  • 12′

    Ryan Tayloe hits Clare 8pts up

  • 10′

    Clare go up the field and Cathal Malone finds the back of the net, huge swing in the game

  • 9′

    Wide from Rory O’Connor should have been a goal

  • 7′

    Two poor wides from Clare

  • 4′

    Ryan puts Clare 2pts up

  • 2′

    Tony Kelly edges Clare in front

  • 2′

    Conor McDonald and David Reidy open the scoring for each team


Clare and Wexford will go head to head in Round 1 of the All-Ireland Championship Qualifiers at Semple Stadium in Thurles this coming Saturday at 1:30 pm as part of a double bill with Armagh v Monaghan live on Sky Sports Arena.

Both teams competed with one another in Divison 1 Group B of the Allianz League earlier this year. With Wexford finishing above Clare in 2nd position, a point ahead of their rivals.

When they did meet, Wexford came out with the spoils at Cusack Park in Ennis. Winning by a single point in a close encounter with a scoreline of 1-21 to 2-19.

League games do not really matter when it comes to championship form, but how close their first encounter was with one another, this game should be another hard one to call.

Wexford is coming into this game after losing to Leinster finalist’s Kilkenny after an extra-time classic with a scoreline of 2-37 to 2-29.

Their opponents also fell short in their Munster semi-final tie against Tipperary losing by 4 points.

This will be a repeat of Round 2 of the Qualifiers in last years championship. Clare came out with the victory, with a 7 point winning margin.


Easily one of the hardest games to call this season so far, both teams have a strong case in who is the better team.

It could come down to who will perform on the day, a bad referee decision or whoever’s management team nails their tactics.

All in all, I will have to favour Wexford in this game, they have already shown they can beat Clare, and with Davy Fitzgerald pushing for All-Ireland glory, he will be eager to defeat his former team with a strong showing here.

Prediction: Wexford by 2 points

Predicted Teams – Subject to Change

  1. Eibhear Quilligan
  2. Rory Hayes
  3. Conor Cleary
  4. Paul Flanagan
  5. Diarmuid Ryan
  6. John Conlon
  7. Páidí Fitzpatrick
  8. Colm Galvin
  9. Cathal Malone
  10. Aron Shanagher
  11. Tony Kelly
  12. Aidan McCarthy
  13. David Reidy
  14. Ian Galvin
  15. Ryan Taylor
  1. Mark Fanning
  2. Shane Reck
  3. Liam Ryan
  4. Simon Donohoe
  5. Gavin Bailey
  6. Matthew O’Hanlon
  7. Shaun Murphy
  8. Diarmuid O’Keefe
  9. Liam Óg McGovern
  10. Paul Morris
  11. Lee Chin
  12. Conor McDonald
  13. Mikie Dwyer
  14. Rory O’Connor
  15. Kevin Foley



Clare: 8/11

Wexford: 11/8

Draw: 9/1

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