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10 Things Every Skater Should Know

If you are a beginner in skating and are worried about what you should consider, then this is the right page for you. If you have been skating for a while, it is also good to refresh your mind of the things that a skater should know.

Below are ten things every skater should know:


  • The Basics are Essential


Some professional skating tricks like kickflip seems easy when you see a professional do them in videos and skate parks. 

However, if you try them yourself, you may realize that it is somehow challenging. This may lead to feelings of disappointment, but you should never give up. All you need is to take your time and master a few basics.


  • Never Compare Your Progress to Others


It will help if you progress at your own pace without comparing yourself with others.

Some people learn slowly and others first. Don’t look at those people who learn tricks faster and think you’re not good enough because you are learning slowly.

Instead, you should see those who learn faster as an inspiration to work hard and match their skills someday.


  • Don’t Be Shy to Practice in the Skate Park


Many skating beginners are shy to enter the skate park in fear of being laughed at or called a poser. But this should not worry you.

 It would be best if you practiced without fear. Remember that everybody was once a beginner.

Those who have more experience should encourage beginners and help them learn new tricks.


  • Equipment versus Practice


You should ensure that you have a good skateboard. If you are a beginner, find the best skateboard to buy to learn on. The same thing applies to skate shoes. 

However, the equipment will not benefit you if you don’t practice. You must practice regularly.


  • The Skate Should Be Your New Friend


As a beginner in skating, you should only aim your skating goal just for fun and progressing. Many skaters go wrong when they skate for money and sponsorship.

Sponsors mainly look for those who are having fun and are doing it with passion.

After all, even if you are sponsored, you are still going to skate, and progress and hence this should be your goal. 


  • Never Focus on Pleasing People


Before you take that risk of trying a new trick that you are not sure of to impress people, you should first take safety. It is not worth maintaining a major or minor injury to impress people.  

If you get injured, take time to heal. Always try what you can do and leave that you doubt for another day.


  • Always Stay Positive


Sometimes you will do a trick that you have been doing in front of your friends and this time it goes wrong. 

In such a case, you need to be strong and positive. You can do another one that you know and your day will end well.


  • Skate with Friends


While there is no harm in skating alone, doing it with friends is even more enjoyable. The importance of skating others is that you will learn from them. They will support you in learning what you don’t know because they were once in that position.



  • Try New Tricks


There are many tricks that you can learn in the skateboard by being creative. After learning the basic tricks, it is time you push yourself to learn new tricks.

 You have to apply your creativity to progress, but never be stuck in a single spot. 


  • Patience is Key


It is not everybody who can do a new trick in a single try. Some people can try a thousand times of failing to do an Ollie. So, keep trying new tricks and don’t go off when you fail. Practice will make perfect.


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