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5 DFS Football Podcast You Can Tune In To

Aside from COVID-19, everything we see, read and hear nowadays is about the NFL season, especially from sports fanatics. We already know that the NFL is not accommodating fans on-site to watch the games live. However, there are ways that fanatics can have updates about their favorite teams and players.

There are so many platforms where you can follow the happenings of the NFL today. Before, television and radio stations were the only means to follow updates on your favorite sports.

It’s different now. There are online sites and social media platforms. One of them are podcasts where you can listen to stories , news, and sports updates. If you want to be updated about the NFL through this platform, here is the best Podcast for football that you can listen to.

RotoUnderworld Radio

If you want a podcast that provides their listeners with analysis from a sports analytics perspective, this would be the best Podcast for that. Every fantasy sports player knows that drafting your roster is hard, but with the help of these types of analysis from experts, you will have a guide in choosing for your line-up.

Matt Kelley, the host of RotoUnderworld Radio, is fearless in his fantasy sports talk. He does not back down even if he becomes irreverent. The Podcast is a great source of in-depth analysis and updates about DFS (Daily Fantasy Football), fantasy footballers in all forms, and dynasty league football.

The Late Round Podcast

A fantasy football podcast that helps you win by using the analytics shared on the show. Hosted by JJ Zachariason, this Podcast covers every topic that you can think of. The Podcast and its host have good reviews from the public.

Listeners said that JJ is very good at delivering and breaking down every information every listener needs to know. Another avid listener also says that he is effective and fast in providing fantasy football players’ fantasy advice.

How the host delivers, the information has a huge impact on how the listeners react. Like with JJ, he hosted the shoe and gave the listener the details and information about DFS concisely and quickly, which most of his listeners appreciated.

Rotoviz Radio

The third Podcast for acquiring DFS information, analysis, and advice is Rotoviz Radio. If you subscribe to their channel, you can have all-exclusive access to the Rotoviz study hall. You will also have revolutionary tools such as NFL Star Explorer, DFS Lineup Optimizer, and many more.

They will also provide a weekly projection and articles that help motivate fantasy players. They offer so much to their subscribers, not only the Podcast itself but an overall guide and assistance to help you achieve victory in fantasy football.

By tuning in to Rotoviz Radio, listeners will become a fantasy sports player in no time. They release new episodes daily with numerous shows you can choose from. Rotoviz Radio caters to a wide range of fantasy gamers, so you will also have a chance to widen your knowledge of the fantasy sports industry.

The Fantasy Footballers

Hosted by Jason Moore, Mike Wright, and Andy Holloway, this award-winning Podcast mainly focuses on sports and entertainment. They also produce fantasy football topics all year long, not only during the NFL season.

They provide their listeners with accurate, effective, and entertaining content that will help the listeners with their fantasy sports journey and amuse them. You can also ensure that they give their listeners a quality piece that is worth their time.

The Fantasy Footballers focuses on the overall approach of expertise and advice for fantasy football. Fantasy football is all about winning. That is what the Fantasy Footballers want their listeners to achieve by sharing insights, strategies, and league information beneficial to the fantasy football participant.

FantasyPros Podcast

The fifth Podcast you should consider listening to is the FantasyPros Podcast. They have become a staple of the fantasy industry by sharing all the industry experts’ rankings. Hosted by Mike Tagliere, a former PFF analyst, and Bobby Sylvester. Their tandem has a natural chemistry that draws listeners into their Podcast.

Their Podcast can give you ideas on who to pick up and who to draft on your fantasy football team based on the advice of more than one hundred experts. The host, Tagliere himself, is an expert analyst himself, which is already a huge advantage.

Their expert rankings are formatted in a way that both experts and newbies can easily understand. Whether you are in the fantasy sports industry for years or just getting started on your journey, you will surely enjoy this Podcast. And you will also learn a lot from them at the same time.


These are only five of many podcasts that focus on fantasy football. You may not have heard about this platform before, but today, it is the most popular means of acquiring information, including in the sporting industry. A podcast can be heard from various sources, and you can even enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

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