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Baseball returns in South Korea

Professional sport has returned to South Korea with news that baseball began on Tuesday. Although, the game which involved a preseason local derby, no supporters were present in the stands.

RTE Sport that Doosan Bears and LG Twins of Seoul played in the biggest sport in the country. The stadium would normally be packed for a derby of this magnitude but owing to the coronavirus no spectators were present. Media were present for the game but it was limited to around 50 people. The shouts from the dug outs were also heard loud and clearly. Reporters and the media were not allowed to approach players before or after the game.

The news comes as good news considering the South Koreans outbreak of Covid 19 was catastrophic at the beginning. The majority of sport was banned in the country from baseball to soccer.  However, it now appears that South Korea have brought the virus under control. This is mainly down to the testing regime and tracing of the virus. The Korea baseball organisation have also said the season will will begin on May 5th. However, this will be played behind closed doors.

RTE report that strict guideline have to be adhered to. For instance, players have to have temperature checks twice during the game, facemasks are also required to be worn in all parts of the stadium. Furthermore, players have been asked not to interact, this means no high fives or the shaking of hands. Spitting is also prohibited.

Meanwhile, the K League is set to begin shortly, after the South Korean football association said they will allow practice matches from Tuesday. The country’s women golfers are also expect to make a return to the fairways. The Korea Ladies Golf Association Championship which is a four day event will commence on May 14th near Seoul.

Whether we will see other countries follow suit and begin to do what the South Koreans are doing is another question. Only time will tell I would imagine.

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