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Guide to Mountain Biking in Mexico

Traveling for a new downhill experience or cross-country ride had become increasingly popular, and the trend is expected to continue as soon as international travel reopens. With some bike suppliers reporting more than 100% increase in mountain bike sales between April and May 2020 with the same time last year, now is the perfect time to explore the sport and venture off on your usual mountain bike trail. One increasingly attractive option is Mexico.

Mexico is a popular destination and has a lot of possible tracks, trails, and adventures for mountain bike enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or a total pro, there will be something for you in Mexico. From mountain biking the Copper canyon to the trails at Rancho Cacachilas, there’s no wonder that these are the next hot thing in natural mountain biking. This article looks at the three things that you need to make a mountain bike trip to Mexico a huge success.

Have the right bike for the places you want to ride

Make sure that you take a bike that is ready for all terrains, and be sure to pack essential repair kits. You should have the right bike for what you want to ride. The market offers specific bikes for trails, downhills, and dirt jumping, so if you know what you want to ride, then ensure that you have the right bike and additional equipment. In preparation for your trip, you should also research local bike shops on your route and perhaps even make contact in advance. This way, you know where you can source equipment or get advice about repairs if you need any during your trip. 

Local knowledge and language

Without a good knowledge of the area, an understanding of language and road signs, the route map can be as confusing as the recent Tour de France odds, and you may need a professional to guide you through. There are many options available for both amateur cyclists and the more proficient cyclist; you just need to do some research to find what suits your ability best. The highest recommendation is to either know the language or ride with a local, as you never know what may happen and when you will need to communicate, and whether there will be any emergencies. There are a number of local bike clubs in Northern Mexico and others that make regular trips out there from the US.

Route maps and a clear plan

Essential to any mountain biking tip is to know the local routes before you head out on them. Do your research, speak to other riders who have done the same routes, and read as much as you can about their challenges. There are a large number of routes and trails to ride in Mexico; the difficulty for many has been selecting the right trails or routes for the bikes and equipment that you may have out there. Furthermore, some of the downhill routes are marked as easy and yet contain highly technical sections that one would need to be aware of. Additional research and speaking to those who have biked there will allow you to plan the places you want to ride and ensure that you have the right bike and equipment with you. To a large extent, plan the rides before you get out there so that you can check distances, prepare GPS and maps, and have planned stops on the ride.


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