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Champions Cup Rugby – Matches, Kick-Offs, Betting & TV details

Champions Cup Weekend Preview: Matches, Kick-Offs, Handicaps, Betting & TV Details


**Bayonne vs. Glasgow**
*Kick-Off: 8:00 PM*
Handicap: Bayonne -5
The anticipated handicap favors Bayonne by 5 points in this clash against Glasgow. TNT Sports brings this matchup live to your screens.

**Northampton vs. Toulon**
*Kick-Off: 8:00 PM*
Handicap: Northampton -5
Northampton holds a handicap advantage of 5 points against Toulon in this crucial match broadcasted by TNT Sports.


**Saracens vs. Connacht**
*Kick-Off: 1:00 PM*
Handicap: Saracens -18
Saracens enter the game with a significant 18-point handicap against Connacht, looking to secure a substantial win.

**Stormers vs. La Rochelle**
*Kick-Off: 1:00 PM*
Handicap: Stormers -5
The Stormers hold a slight 5-point handicap advantage against La Rochelle, promising an intriguing contest.

**Bordeaux vs. Bristol**
*Kick-Off: 3:15 PM*
Handicap: Bordeaux -16
Bordeaux aims to capitalize on a 16-point handicap against Bristol in this high-stakes encounter.

**Leinster vs. Sale**
*Kick-Off: 5:30 PM*
Handicap: Leinster -24
Leinster boasts a significant 24-point handicap against Sale, setting the stage for a dominant performance.

**Lyon vs. Bulls**
*Kick-Off: 5:30 PM*
Handicap: Lyon -8
Lyon holds an 8-point handicap advantage against the Bulls, expecting a hard-fought battle on the field.

**Cardiff vs. Bath**
*Kick-Off: 8:00 PM*
Handicap: Bath +8
Bath enters the match with an 8-point handicap advantage against Cardiff, aiming to upset the odds.

**Ulster vs. Racing 92**
*Kick-Off: 8:00 PM*
Handicap: Ulster -2
Ulster holds a narrow 2-point handicap against Racing 92, expecting a closely contested encounter.



**Exeter vs. Munster**
*Kick-Off: 1:00 PM*
Handicap: Exeter -3
Exeter enters with a 3-point handicap advantage against Munster, anticipating a tightly fought battle.

**Harlequins vs. Toulouse**
*Kick-Off: 3:15 PM*
Handicap: Toulouse -3
Toulouse holds a slight 3-point handicap against Harlequins, promising a thrilling Sunday clash.

**Stade Francais vs. Leicester**

*Kick-Off: 5:30 PM*
Handicap: Stade Francais -7
Stade Francais enters the game with a 7-point handicap against Leicester, expecting a hard-fought victory.

Keep an eye on the handicaps as they often add a layer of unpredictability to these matchups. Catch all the live action on TNT Sports and witness the exhilarating rugby battles unfold across the weekend!

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