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How casino games have embraced our love of sports

Every second of every day, someone somewhere is participating in some form of sport. Whether it’s hitting top speed around an athletics track, charging towards the try line with a rugby ball, or taking aim at goal with a football, it’s fair to say that sports provide us with more entertainment than anything else.

Interestingly, the digital age has brought us new and exciting ways to enjoy our favourite sports. That’s why the FIFA series of football games have been popular for so long, although practically every sport we can think of has had a video game version too. From rugby to hockey, tennis to athletics, swimming to cycling, basketball to boxing and all kinds of martial arts, there’s guaranteed to be a video game representation out there.

What’s more, playing video games has even become a professional activity itself, commonly known as eSports, all with national and international tournaments which can be entered. Some of the top gamers are now even as famous (and wealthy!) as their traditional sporting counterparts. Likewise, online casinos have taken a strong interest in sports beyond sponsorship deals with teams and clubs, even merging sports into the games they offer.

Of course, there’s no shortage of online casinos, all vying for our business. That’s why reading through plenty of reviews and opinions is always advised, before making a deposit. As a review site dedicated to providing a wealth of information, Irishluck are aware of the fact that knowing precisely what an online casino has to offer is important when we’re getting ready to choose where we’ll play our favourite games.

For example, some casino sites may have a broader selection of slots themed around sports, compared to others. If those are our favourites, it’s handy to know which sites offer the best selections. Indeed, some providers will also offer promotions and bonus offers that focus on the games we love the most, which can make them more appealing to our own particular gaming tastes. That said, we should always read through the details of any offers carefully, there is a free signup bonus no deposit mobile casino nz which is very good.

As for casino games which are inspired by sports, there’s an impressive selection these days. Likewise, developers delving into key elements we enjoy the most about our preferred sports, then incorporating them into their games. This can be done by simply using imagery and sounds from sporting events, although experts suggest that players enjoy elements of choice and interactivity most of all.

One such example is the Football Champions Cup slot by NetEnt, who built a slot game around such key elements of choice. While most of us may already know that winning at slots is entirely random, this game incorporates player decisions. This ranges from choosing your favourite international team, to participating in a penalty shoot-out. In that bonus round, the player can choose which area of the goal to aim their shot. It’s a novel addition to the genre.

Sports have arguably made a great contribution to both the present and the future of online casino gaming. Incorporating the action and excitement that sports have already provided fans for years, matched with the creativity of developers and the latest technology innovations, we could even see future casino games featuring sporting themes becoming the most popular on offer.

As gaming and entertainment genres increasingly merge, it’s not hard to imagine that at some point in the not too distant future, we could combine the virtual reality participation in our favourite sport, with the possibility to wager on our very own performance or bonus options to increase our chances of winning.

These are all possibilities actually being researched by developers right now, which is certainly exciting for those of us who enjoy our sports gaming.

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