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How to Start Running and Keep Running

How to Start Running and Keep Running

We all want to stay fit and look our best. However, it can be difficult to find the time in our busy modern lives, and gym memberships can seem like an unnecessary expense in today’s times of economic uncertainty and instability.

Taking up running can be an effective and affordable way to get in shape. It does, however, require dedication and self-discipline if you want to see the best result. We’ve put together a guide to help you start running and keep running. Check it out below.

Make Sure You’re Properly Equipped

While it is technically possible to go for a run in your old jeans and trainers, nothing will put you off the activity faster. Not only will your ability to run be affected, but you run the risk of injuring yourself as well.

Before you start your running journey, it’s important to ensure that you are properly equipped. Shoes are obviously the most important element, mens running shoes should be lightweight yet durable, with good flexibility, breathability, and comfortable underfoot.

The clothes you wear will be weather dependent, but they should always be comfortable and breathable. Choose clothing that hugs your body and doesn’t have any loose parts, these can pose a tripping hazard or get caught on things as you pass them.

Map a Running Route

Once you are properly equipped with the right shoes and clothes, it’s time to map out your running route. Where you can go will depend largely on where you live, you could be looking at inner-city runs or countryside excursions. The best approach is to design a flexible running route that can be tweaked and altered, if necessary, without any major change to the overall direction and distance.

Set Yourself Goals

So, we’ve covered how to prepare yourself to start running. How do you ensure you keep running after you have begun? One of the most effective ways is by setting goals for yourself. Goals can give you something to work towards and mean you will never feel like you are just running aimlessly. Goals can be simple such as a certain distance to run each week, or more advanced such as time-based objectives or differing routes.

It’s essential that your goals are realistic. As a beginner runner, you are not going to be making marathon runs straight away. Start with small, achievable goals that are easily attainable. You will feel rewarded and encouraged when you meet these early goals and will be motivated to continue running.

Stick to a Routine

Routine is one of the most important parts of getting and staying fit. Sticking to a running routine will quickly make it seem like a normal part of your life and will make you far less likely to give it up. Work some rest days into your routine. This is important as it allows your body time to recover and prevents injury which can be caused by running too frequently.


Running can be a fantastic and cost-effective way to keep fit. Use these tips to start running and keep running.

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