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How to win Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone

Rebirth of the Dead is a thrilling mode in COD Warzone with limited time. Here, you can play as a human against zombies or as a zombie against humans. The most frightening part is that immediately after a human player is bitten by a zombie, the player spawns into a zombie and joins the fight against humans. This is interesting, challenging, and scary, making the game trickier to win. 


The good news is that we’ve got some strategies to help you win Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone. If you’re a newbie in the COD Warzone series, we advise you to check out these ideal undetected warzone cheats to make the most of your gameplay.

Meanwhile, let’s jump into how to win Rebirth of the Dead in COD Warzone as a zombie and human. 

How to win Rebirth of the Dead in COD: Warzone As a Zombie

Here is how you can win Rebirth of the Dead in COD: Warzone as a Zombie. 

  • Detonate your gas grenade


Detonating your gas grenade will disorient the humans as you run and launch your attack on them. On the other hand, EMP explosions can destroy enemy equipment as well. You must be fast and watchful before launching your attacks. You don’t want a human teammate to knock you out.

  • Be as silent as possible when sneaking.


If you’re trying to sneak up on the living, make sure you are as quiet as possible. They can spot your position by listening. If you can sneak quietly, you may have the chance to jump on them and have a drink of red wine (blood). 

  • Collect Syringes from Supply Boxes


With the fear and endeavor to move away from zombies, humans will scatter syringes everywhere or even in supply boxes. As you play, collect the syringe\s and other valuables in the supply boxes. Always look around for a human sniper. You don’t want to fall for their traps.

  • Join the Zombie rally to attack humans


More pressure against humans creates a better opportunity to get closer to them unaware. Join forces with the zombie crew and surround the humans. As they try to defend themselves from the attackers, you can reap their souls by surprise. 

More importantly, don’t get too close unless you’re sure to get a kill.  

Winning Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone as a Human Player

Here are some tips to win in Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone as a Human Player. 

  • Gather enough valuable gears


Use the early minutes of the game to collect as many valuable gears as possible. You can collect weapons, shields, etc. Rebirth of the Dead is not like a usual battle royale. You’re up against smart and tactical enemies. So, you need appropriate gear to face them.

  • Stay in touch with your squad


In other battle royale games, you may find it helpful to separate from your teammate to get more kills, etc. It’s different in Rebirth of the Dead: Warzone. If you wander away from your squad, you will be downed in less than no time, no matter how skilled you are. 


To survive in the game, you need your team. Stay together and fight together. That way, you can defeat a swarm of zombies and move on to the next zone. 

  • Optimize your Sensitivity Settings


Since you’ll be turning around swiftly in the game, you should optimize your sensitivity settings to suit your gameplay. You don’t want something so fast that you’ll have to look around and fire without precision. 


Also, you don’t want something slow that you’ll be attacked before you even lock on your target. Experiment and find the best sensitivity settings to play with.

  • Fight as you move


Since the zombies you’re fighting against will not stop spawning, you should consider shooting and moving. Although leaving zombies undead can increase their numbers, you should try your best to get to a safer environment. 

  • Don’t stand near high grounds


Zombies in Rebirth of the Dead COD: Warzone flanks human enemies. They can climb buildings and high grounds and jump onto your head. As you attack, ensure you’re not under or close to a tall structure. 

  • Revive is Reciprocal

In all Call of Duty series, teammates can revive one another when they get hit. So, in Rebirth of the Dead, revive any of your teammate that is down. In turn, they will also revive you when you fall. 

By doing so, your team will live longer and stand a chance to win the match. 



If you follow these tips, you’ll be playing and winning Rebirth of the Dead like a pro. You have to gather enough useful weapons and fight together with your squad. That is when playing as a human. 


On the other hand, as a zombie, team up with your infected friends and fight the living. Collect syringes, and don’t forget to drop your gas grenades.

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