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Most Popular Student Sports in Ireland

Educational institutions in all countries pay great attention to sports. The aim of college or university is not only to give knowledge but to promote overall personality development.

Encouraging students to play sports is an important part of developing the whole individual. Participating in sports is important for all students. All of them attend classes every day and spend most of their time obtaining knowledge to become job-ready. Such a pace of living can tire even the most dedicated student. If it sounds familiar to you, visit https://papercoach.net, order your homework from it and devote your free time to what really matters.

Participation in sports is a good way to spend free time, gain new skills, and become healthier. Moreover, many student-athletes have the opportunity to become pro athletes and completely change their life. The majority of Irish students are involved in sports because it plays a big role in Irish society. Let’s explore student sports that are greatly in demand now.

Association football (soccer)

This sport is merely known as football in all countries besides the USA and Canada. Association football is the game played between 2 teams; each team consists of 11 players. The aim of each team is to kick the ball beyond the opponent’s goal line. A history of football goes deep into the past.

Historians state that people played the prototype of this game even before our era. No wonder that soccer is a widespread sport in college. Irish Universities Football Union is a governing body that manages university association football in Ireland. All leading Ireland universities and institutes have soccer teams that compete in several leagues, such as College & Universities Football League, Leinster Senior League, NIFL Championship, etc.


If you know someone from Ireland, you’ve probably heard that it is one of the most attended in this country. This sport is also known as rugby union. It’s popular both in big cities and urban towns. No wonder that Ireland teams show themselves well in various competitions. The major Irish universities have a representative body for this sport — Irish Universities Rugby Union.

This union was founded in 1904, and since that time, it has organized student representative rugby teams and various tournaments, such as Dudley Cup, Conroy Cup, Kay Bowen Trophy, etc. If you want to play rugby in Ireland, you’d better consider the following universities: University College Dublin, Queen’s University Belfast, NUI Galway, etc. Teams of these universities compete in various competitions each year.

Gaelic football

To ensure that this sport also belongs to the most popular in Ireland, you need to visit one game and see that the arena is full of spectators. People in Ireland are used to referring to Gaelic football merely as football. The ball they use resembles the one used in volleyball. Players in Gaelic football aim to score as many points as possible by kicking the ball in the opponent’s goals or between posts over the goals.

There are no restrictions on how to advance the ball: players can pass it both by hands and legs.  Gaelic football is introduced in high school and universities’ physical education program. Those students who succeed in it have the chance to obtain a scholarship. So if you think of joining the university Gaelic football team, do your best to perform better.  Athletics can take a lot of time; therefore, you must be ready for difficulties with academics. However, they are easy to deal with professional assistance: Google the keyword “write my paper for me,” and order any homework online.


A few Ireland universities have combined Gaelic games teams, where students play Gaelic football, hurling, and camogie. However, the majority of institutions tend to separate these sports. Hurling is a game of Gaelic origin that has much in common with Gaelic football.

Each player has his own wooden stick — hurl and use it to kick a sliotar between the goalposts of the opponent’s team. Sliotar is a small ball, resembling a baseball and tennis ball. There are more than 2,000 hurling clubs in Ireland, and this fact proves that this game is popular. Higher Education GAA is a governing body that manages all Gaelic games in educational institutions. Fitzgibbon Cup is the main competition in university hurling.


Even though Golf originates in Scotland, Ireland’s golf history started in 1800. There are not many golf clubs in Ireland, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t popular. Such universities as University College Dublin, the National University of Ireland in Galway, Ulster University, Maynooth University, etc., have their golf clubs, hold competitions, and promote this sport among students.

Many of these universities participate in European Universities Golf Championships. So, playing golf in the university gives every student a chance to join the pro team and start a career in this sport.

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