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Is cryptocurrency the next big thing in Norwegian gambling?

In Norway’s gambling scene, more and more people are looking into using cryptocurrency to bet online. The main reason for such interest is newly imposed restrictions against unlicensed betting sites by a gambling commission. Now, any transactions with betting sites (apart from the official one, Norsk Tipping) are blocked by banks, forcing gamblers to think creatively if they want to continue betting on multiple platforms.


Since digital money is decentralized, users can access unofficial betting sites and other services that might not be completely legal. While this gives users more options, it also exposes them to risks connected to digital security, and shows the need for rules to make sure betting is fair and safe.


Instead of ignoring illegal gambling sites, Norway’s government should make rules to control the industry. Good rules protect users and make sure everyone plays by the book, as well as creating fair competition and making sure gambling stays responsible.


On the contrary, when bookmakers are not given any chance to obtain a license in a country despite the interest in their services, they are pushed into the gray zone, where the world’s most famous and trusted gambling companies are mixed together with small pop-up services with doubtful reputation. Users in such situation are left to the mercy of affiliate websites that compare bookmakers and give an overlook of who is who.


One of Norway’s neighboring countries, Finland, already acknowledged the downsides of the monopoly on gambling, and is about to shift to a more democratic system that allows gambling companies to buy licenses and work legally according to the rules of the country.


Norway is currently the last country in Europe to have a monopoly on gambling, and while the authorities claim that this protects the users from gambling addiction, the number of searches for betting on cryptocurrency tells another story. It is clear by now that users are not satisfied by just one gambling company, not to mention that Norsk Tipping’s offers would not stand if they had to compete with more established gambling providers.


To sum up, more people in Norway are getting interested in using cryptocurrency for online gambling amid the country’s strict monopoly. Digital money brings new possibilities, like using unofficial betting sites, but to make sure everything is fair and safe, as well as to protect the users, there should be clear rules and regulations for using cryptocurrency in the gambling world. That way, Norway will be able to adapt to the changes in online betting while keeping things secure for everyone.

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