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New age contact Lenses for Sport

In recent times, it has been observed that people are incorporating contact lenses into their lifestyle and reducing the use of power glasses. Especially after the covid 19 pandemic, the world has changed drastically. The majority of the things have shifted in the online platform, including the working sector and educational sector. It’s also huge for people who wear lenses during sport. 


Therefore, people invest themselves more in front of computers and other gadgets. Spending most of the time near electronic gadgets creates tension in people’s eyes, which triggers power glasses or contact lenses. They also spend lots of money blue light glasses which can be very beneficial. 


Alongside that, the companies are also investing millions of dollars incorporating the latest and advanced Techniques in contact lenses.


Companies like designer optics have launched contact lenses with extra protection from ultraviolet rays. This extra protection from UV rays will enhance the health of your eyes besides protecting them. 


In addition to this, companies like Johnson and Johnson Vision are launching contact lenses online with intelligent technology. This technology will help you adjust the brightness of your eyes in the darkness. Besides that, it will also help you focus on certain things you want within a millisecond.

Top Technology in contact lenses that could change the whole world.

With the changing times, technologies are developing and getting more advanced, and scientists are incorporating this latest technology in various fields that can benefit human civilization. They also use this latest and advanced technology in contact lenses for or enhance the experience of lenses for people. 


Some of the latest Technology that experts incorporate in contact lenses are listed below-

Technology 1: Telescopic contact lenses

Yes, this is true; the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has created a prototype lens that will enable the virus to make any object appear 2.8 times larger than reality. Doesn’t it sound like a superpower? We all wished for a superpower like this at one point in time. 


If you wear these Telescopic contact lenses, you have to wink with your one eye that will cause the vision to zoom in, much like a camera. 


It is possible because the lens contains tiny aluminum Mirrors, which cause the light to be bound specifically. However, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is still working on this project, so we hope it will be launched for the masses in upcoming years.

Technology 2: Augmented reality contact lenses

Augmented reality or AR is the reason that has changed the whole perception of the world towards technology. Technological company Innovega is looking forward to incorporating Augmented reality in contact lenses, taking this one step further. This company has also suggested that this device display anything and everything your smartphone can. However, this project is still under observation, and this company is still walking towards making this a successful product for the masses.


In a nutshell

This latest and advanced technology in contact lenses can bring a boon among the masses. With the help of these latest and advanced techniques, you will experience a whole new world. Alongside that, it will also reduce different eye problems if you have any and improve the condition of the health of your eyes as well. Thus, it will change the whole outlook of the world towards contact lenses.


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