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Olympics Opening Ceremony for VIP guests only

According to local reports the Japanese government will arrange for the opening of Tokyo 2020 to be viewed by reduced VIP spectators

The Asahi newspaper has also made claims on other restrictions that will be in place at Olympic events.

Events that are held after 21:00 and other large events would not have any spectators. Only VIP guests such as sponsors’ guests and diplomats will be allowed to attend the opening ceremony.

The local newspaper cited multiple unidentified government sources to verify this information.

The attendance at the opening ceremony is greatly reduced from the initial estimate of 10,000 fans in the stadium.

This Olympic game has already been delayed a full year due to the Covid19 pandemic. A recent television survey in Japan showed that only one-third of the Japanese would like the Games to continue with reduced crowds. A big 31 percent of the voters wanted the competition to be outright canceled.

It is highly unlikely that Tokyo 2020 will be canceled due to the money and resources that the Japanese government and Sports Council have put into the event.

Instead, they will be hoping to have 10,000 spectators, or 50 percent capacity at every event. Although overseas fans will not be allowed in the stadiums, they are hoping there will be a big turnout of Japanese sports fans.

Normal celebrations such as high-fiving, autograph-hunting, and towel-waving will all be off-limits to spectators in Tokyo.

What we will miss from the Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of an Olympics is meant to be a jaw-dropping event that leaves you excited for the rest of the tournament.

This year will not be the same with Japan having reduced crowds and reduced performers in the stadium. After watching the Euro 2020 opening ceremony last month, do not expect it to be much bigger. Let’s hope that the Japanese can get creative with what they have.

RTE will be broadcasting the opening ceremony for those of us stuck at home on Friday, 23rd July.

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