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Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Alonso Leads Second Practice, Hamilton Struggles

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Alonso Leads Second Practice, Hamilton Struggles

In the second practice session of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin emerged as the fastest driver, outpacing his competitors. Let’s delve into the highlights of the session and analyze the performance of the drivers.

**Alonso Tops the Charts:**
Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso showcased impressive pace, securing the top spot ahead of Mercedes’ George Russell and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Alonso’s lead of 0.230 seconds over Russell and 0.331 seconds over Verstappen highlights his commanding performance.

**Leclerc Trails Behind:**
Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc trailed in fourth place, 0.353 seconds behind Alonso, indicating a competitive field where even slight differences in timing make a significant impact.

**Hamilton’s Struggles:**
Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton faced challenges, finishing in eighth place, trailing teammate Russell by 0.296 seconds. Hamilton expressed concerns about lacking confidence in the rear of his car, emphasizing the importance of stability in high-speed areas.

**Challenges for Mercedes:**
Mercedes drivers encountered difficulties with rear-end grip during short runs, reflecting on potential setup issues that affected their performance. Alonso’s utilization of a higher engine power mode may have contributed to his dominance in the session.

**Verstappen’s Consistency:**
Although not the fastest over one lap, Max Verstappen showcased consistent pace during long runs, reaffirming Red Bull’s competitiveness in race simulations. Verstappen’s prowess on a full fuel load poses a significant threat to his rivals.

**Incidents and Impeding:**
The session witnessed several incidents of impeding, attributed to the challenging track layout characterized by swerving sections and limited visibility due to surrounding walls. Hamilton faced scrutiny for impeding Williams’ Logan Sergeant, resulting in an official warning and a fine for his team.

As the second practice session concluded, Fernando Alonso’s impressive performance sets the stage for an exciting race weekend. With notable challenges for Mercedes and Red Bull’s consistent pace, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix promises thrilling battles on the track.

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