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Sports Fans use technology to bring stadium atmoshpere to couch

With not a lot of sport on at present sports fans are coming up with ways to bring the atmosphere of a sports stadium to their couches. They use virtual technology to help with this.

Tech Mahindra is the company behind this new development. They are a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re engineering services. In fact, they have now teamed up with a Canadian company called ChampTrax Technologies. This is to provide a solution to create stadium like atmosphere at home for sports fans worldwide.

The Stadiumbusines.com report that both companies will work on 5G related use cases and for holographic fans. Tech Mahindra will also support wider markets such as ChampTrax’s HearmeCheer which allows crowd noise for spectators at home in real time. Chief Strategy Officer of Tech Mahindra, Jagdish Mitra said, “We have been specifically focused on technologies that will enable experiences in the ‘during COVID’ and ‘after COVID’ world. Sports with a live fan experience is something that we will miss now for a while”. Elias Andersen who is the founder of ChampTrax technologies said “they are excited to partner with Tech Mahindra”.

HearmeCheer works in three steps according to the website hearmecheer.com. Firstly, as the spectator/fan watches from his her couch a game the web app should be open. This would automatically send microphone data to the server which in turn aggregates all sounds to create an audio stream. Step 2 is where all audio is combined. This is done through proprietary algorithms  which weight each household and allows users to yell as loud as they wish and not overpower the audio stream. Finally, the audio integrates real time broadcasts. Low latency algorithms are then used to maintain full integrity. This will provide full sound effects even if there are no fans present at games.

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