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The Sports and Popular outdoor hobbies among Canadians

Leisure pastime in every region depends on many factors. For instance, climate and weather, national habits and traditions as well as particular trends in each particular period. The Canadians are a very active and sport-addicted nation.

The citizens of this Northern country are known for being active and mobile. For this reason, probably, they are not eager to have tight friendly relationships. Thus, on Friday night, it is quite typical for them to go out with colleagues from the office or the partners in sports. However, there are those who prefer spending a quiet evening at home enjoying the Canadian Native Casinos which offer thrilling games or maybe having a bet on hockey games.

At the top of Canadian sports, undoubtedly, there is hockey. Within the period from early autumn till late spring, all the country is submerged in this sports. There is nothing surprising as hockey was invented in Canada.


Though, the Canadians are not only spending their free in bars and cafes, cinemas or malls. Plentiful sport activities are acknowledged and spread among them.

Top Active Pastimes of Canadians

  1. Camping

In Canada, there are lots of locations where tourists may arrive for camping. Modern facilities are equipped with hot water as well as various gadgets for a comfortable stay. Many of them are located in picturesque regions near rivers, lakes or mountains. There are diverse tours: for those who prefer wandering through the wild and for those who would rather choose well-trodden paths.

However, this pastime has some flaws as there are lots of irritating insects and mosquitos, especially at the North. Besides, bears are dangerous, thus, it is necessary to be cautious.

  1. Backpacking and hiking

It is the level of tourism next to camping. Canada is a great state the nature of which fascinates with its beauty and intactness. Such activity requires thorough preparation: from a well-thought set of shoes and clothes till maps with detailed routes. In order not to get lost, injured or cold, everything shall be arranged in advance.

  1. Rafting and canoe

Beginners shall better start with swimming in lakes. Those who have got some experience still should keep in groups and swim close to river benches.


  1. Fishing

Canada is rich in various water bodies. Thus, it is a paradise for the fans of fishing. Though, each province has got its own rules and regulations applicable to fishing.

  1. Golf and tennis

Mostly, these are the hobbies of the cities and country clubs. Like horse riding which is most popular in the western regions of Canada.

  1. Skating

It is the leader among winter hobbies of the Canadians. There are plentiful rinks in each city. Besides, lots of citizens love skating on the frozen rivers and lakes.

It is quite obvious that the geographical position of Canada has greatly influenced the activities to which people devote their free time. They are mostly active as lazy activities will not keep them warm under the weather conditions in this state. The only alternative is a cozy evening at home with a favorite game or in a bar with friends.

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