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The Weird & Wonderful Games We’d Love to See in The Olympics

The recent addition of skateboarding, and the anticipation of Esports eventually making its way into the Olympic Games, has left many asking the question, “is anything off limits?”


It’s certainly divided sports fans across the globe, moving away from tradition and into a new era. But let one in and it could lead to a flurry of new sports starting to arrive into the Games over the next few decades, which got us thinking…


What sports or games would we like to see in the Olympics in the future?


There’s always been a debate around whether chess is a sport. The International Olympic Committee indeed does consider it a sport, so it is a fair game to be added to the Olympics.


The IOC recognised it as a sport way back in 2000, due to it requiring skill and elements of physical exertion, particularly when it comes to the brain. While many might not consider it the most fascinating spectacle, there’s always been drama and tension to the game, which could make it a great watch during a future Games.


Probably more of a pipe dream is bingo. The game has really taken off in recent years, particularly online with millions playing on safe bingo sites like www.robinhoodbingo.com. Of course, there’s little skill involved in the game, with it being a game entirely made of luck, but can you imagine hundreds of athletes sat at a table in their official tracksuits desperate for Gold?


It would be an incredible watch. ! Even if it’s not for the main games, it should certainly be considered for the Olympic Village entertainment.

Cheese Rolling

Cheese rolling is only popular in Gloucester and the famous Cooper’s Hill, but given the opportunity, we could see rounds of Double Gloucester being pushed down hills across the globe.


The annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling contest has become world-renowned, and we think anyone that puts themselves through the competition certainly deserves a medal. Any Olympic Park would look breath-taking with the addition of a giant hill perched next to the velodrome!. So, how’s about it IOC?

Fireball Soccer

Nobody enjoys the football at the Olympic Games, particularly the men’s event anyway, so why not spice it up a bit with the traditional Indonesian sport of fireball soccer?


The game is much the same, but the ball is on fire. We’ve do not really have much to add to that.!

Frog Jumping

If you’ve seen Netflix’s We Are the Champions, then you’ll know just how intense frog jumping can be. It takes skill, courage and most importantly, an obedient frog. The aim of the game is to get your frog to jump the furthest in three leaps.


We see horses at the Olympic Games, so what about frogs? It would be a superb watch along the running track in the Olympic Stadium. We just hope the frogs would be able to handle the pressure.

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