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Wagering In The NBA Games_ 5 Basketball Bets You Can Play

With the 2020 NBA season currently in motion today, many fans and bettors are heading towards the betting games it brings. The First-Rounds are finally over, and the Conference Semifinals are starting to shape up. Initially, sixteen teams battled in the play-ins but are now cut into half for the semis. 


Because of that, the bettors can anticipate tighter match-ups as the teams are now looking to be in their best shape. Today’s basketball odds and lines are more impressive, so there are many jobs to do. As a bettor, you have to get updated with every player statistics to identify which team to wager in the nearing NBA finals. 


While the NBA Conference Semifinals highlight the best of seven-game series, the betting games will come overwhelmingly. Hence, if you are one NBA’s top fans and would like to wager for the first time, here are some of the top basketball betting games you can play. 

Money Lines 

NBA moneyline is a famous basketball betting game where gamblers wanted to chalk an amount of money instead of relying on the points. Although there is still a need for you to know every current team’s standing, the things you should mind in this betting category are the value you will win. 


The oddsmaker will still rely on comparing the odds between the two opposing teams. The favorite and the dog are still identified. The amount is then set, showing that if the underdog wins over the favorite, the moneyline comes bigger. For example, you bet $150 for the favorite to win $100 while you bet $100 for the underdog to win $130. 

Points Spread 

The Points Spread is the most played betting game in many basketball tournaments, especially in the NBA. It is where the oddsmaker has to set a value that both the favorites and the underdogs have to meet. Regardless of the value, you can win, the team must rely on the Points Spread given for you to win the betting. 


For example, the bookies have placed the favorite to a -7.5 Points Spread while the underdog is at +7.5. When you bet for the favorite, the team has to win at least 8 points. But, if you are gambling for the underdogs, they should score outright or lesser than 7.5. It may sound biased, but Points Spread may give a lot of advantage to bettors who picked the dogs since they need to stay on the line while the favorite has to go over the points given. 

Totals (Over/Under) 

Perhaps, the over/under bets you can play in NBA betting are the easiest compared to others. You don’t have to spend much on analyzing the value and the points given. In the Totals, you only have to gamble whether the combined score of both teams can go over or under the bookie’s value. 


For example, the oddsmaker set total points of 190. In this case, you have to wager whether the overall combined score will stay below 190 or go beyond that. Although it may sound effortless, the playing style, the quality of matches, and the talents plating inside the court can still contribute to how the total score will look by the end of the match. 


Parlays are called Exotic bets in basketball betting games. It is for basketball punters who wanted to risk more money. Because it requires you to gamble more, the prize you can expect to win is also huge. Thus, if you trust your instincts enough to win outright in Parlays, don’t hesitate to take the chance.


It is a betting game where you bet on a series of games. For example, in a 4-team parlay, the teams you pick to gamble must also win their games to take home the prize. But, the bigger risk is that even if the team wins in the three games and loses in one match, you lost everything in the Parlay. 


Propositions or commonly known as “prop bets,” are another exciting betting game you can play in the NBA. If you are tired of analyzing the points spread, lines, and odds, then propositions are something you can gamble. It doesn’t require you to become a betting wizard, but you need to trust our predictions to win the prize.


Before the game begins, the oddsmaker sets some propositions along with the value you can win. Some examples of prop bets are “Which player can score first?”, “Which team can make a foul first?” etc. You only have to provide an answer, and if it turns out that your predictions are right based on the match, you can bring home the bacon.


The NBA season does not only give you thrilling matches to see but excellent and high-paying betting games you can gamble. Hence, if you are an avid NBA fan and betting in the upcoming matches sounds right for you, the top betting categories above can guide you all the way. 


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