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What Is Monster Jam: Need-To-Know Things About the Show

If you’re looking for an exciting sporting experience to watch, you want to show up to Monster Jam.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering: What is Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is an exhibition of the madness and awesome powers of Monster trucks.

Watching these Monster cars in action is exciting and attending a Monster Jam event is easily one of the most exciting sporting events that you and your family will enjoy.

If you’ve never attended a Monster Jam show before, we encourage you to do so.

What is Monster Jam and Why You Should Go

Monster Jam shows are a unique spectacle. It is an event that you, your friends, and your family will enjoy.

Here’s what Monster Jam is and why we hope to see you at the next Monster Jam event:

  1. What is a Monster Jam Event?

Most Monster Jam events will be a competition among different Monster trucks, with seven trucks being the usual number of competitors.

The trucks will engage in different activities. These include crushing and destroying cars, spinning around, jumping at great heights, and flying in the air! Judges will look at which trucks give the best performance. The loud cheers from the audience will definitely influence their decision.

Among the competitive activities, you may see between the Monster trucks you’ll see them racing from the start to the finish line. You’ll see a freestyle section where each truck is given free rein to perform stunts to impress the audience. There will also be several contents to see how far a truck can jump over a line of stationary cars.

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  1. What Can You Expect?

What else can you expect from attending a Monster Jam event? You can expect to meet many loyal fans of the competition.

As a first-time attendant, you may feel like you’re not part of the club. But a few minutes in, you’ll feel that you’ve been watching Monster Jam your whole life. Monster Jam fans are very welcoming and you’ll find yourself in a great family.

There will usually be pre-show activities for you and your family to attend (yes, Monster Jam events are kid-friendly) where you can meet and interact with other fans. We suggest showing up at least half an hour before the event starts so that you can mingle before the main event.

One of the best pre-show activities is the Pit Party. The Pit Party will let you see the Monster Trucks up close.

You can also meet the drivers and take photographs with them and have them sign autographs. You may need to purchase an additional ticket specifically to attend a Pit Party. We highly recommend that you do so.

  1. The Basic Things You Should Know

Before heading to a Monster Jam event, there are a few things that you need to know.

First, Monster Jam is a loud event. The revving of the engines and the intensity of the Monster Trucks are incredibly loud. The only thing that can drown out this noise is the tumultuous applause and cheering from the crowd. You may need to purchase some form of ear protection to relax your ears. After attending the event, we recommend resting your ears for a couple of days to protect their health.

While many children do attend the event, if your child does get stressed or anxious from loud noises, you should not bring them along. Using ear muffs is the best protection. It is likely that you’ll be able to purchase ear muffs at the event but we suggest purchasing them beforehand just to be safe.

The event arena will usually be cold so make sure you wear a jacket and pants. You may even want to wear a scarf and gloves as some arenas can be very chilly.

As we recommended in our first tip, you should buy your tickets in advance. You’ll have a chance to buy tickets at the event but there will likely be extremely long lines.

Finally, you need to bring as much cash as you can. You will likely have to pay for parking, food, and beverages with cash. Cards may also be accepted, but you should bring cash to be on the safe side.

  1. More Things to Know

Before heading for the Monster Jam event, there are a few more things you should know.

The event will be a long one. Each of the competitive activities will occur at different times and there will often be an interval between them. Make sure you are well-rested and available to see them all. You won’t be able to take a large camera with a huge zoom lens. Stick to taking pictures with your smartphone or by using a small point-and-shoot camera.

You also want to take the time to meet the drivers. As we mentioned, this can be done during the Pit Party but you may also have an opportunity during intervals and after the event ends.

You also should not expect to see extreme damage as one would see at a demolition derby. While the Monster trucks can get damaged and part of the event might be the trucks smashing cars, most of the event will not consist of any sort of destruction. This is what many first-time attendees expect to see when they attend a Monster Jam event.

When they see that the event is not rife with destruction, they often feel disappointed. But we assure you, the wildness and magnificence of the Monster trucks and the skill of the drivers will leave you in awe.

We also suggest that you may need to wear glasses or bring some sort of protection for your eyes. The intensity of the cars, the immense heat emitting from the engines, and the dirt flying around may affect your eyes.

See You at the Jam

Now that you know the answer to, “What is Monster Jam?”, we hope to see you at the next event! We know you’ll have a great time!

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