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What To Look For When Buying American Football Gloves

Football is one of those sports that expose players to sprains and other injuries regularly. The importance of wearing the right football gear keeps players protected from unnecessary physical pain and injury. We know how important wearing the right football helmet is—we see professional football players donning them during games. But wearing the most suitable football gloves should also not be ignored.


Football Gloves: For Protection and Performance


Being an athlete is not easy. You work hard to improve your skills. You eat right and exercise regularly to keep your body in top condition. But if you’re a football player, you should also invest in the right gear to maximize your performance and keep you safe during the game. 

The Internet holds a wealth of information on how to choose the right pair of football gloves. You should take the time to find a great review on the best grip football gloves. There are different factors to consider when buying football gloves. These questions will guide you on what you should look for when purchasing football gloves.


  1. Who will use the football gloves?


When purchasing football gloves, one of the most important factors to consider is who will use the gear. Remember to take the age of the player and the player’s position into consideration.


  • Age: It is not right to let a young football player wear adult gloves. Fit is critical in buying football gloves. The gloves should fit comfortably—it must not be too tight nor too loose. Youth football gloves are available at any sporting goods store. Football gloves for adults are naturally bigger than youth football gloves. It is crucial to buy this gear based on the age of the user to make sure the size, weight, and flexibility work for them.


  • Position: When it comes to football gloves, it is essential to choose a pair that is suitable for the position that you hold. Football is a position-based sport, thus your football gloves must help you handle your role in the game effectively.


  • Quarterback – As the primary ball-handler, you should choose thinner, lightweight gloves so that you have better control of the ball. Avoid football gloves with dense padding as it can affect your grip on the ball.


  • Lineman – In comparison to a quarterback’s football gloves, a lineman’s should have thick, durable padding. Linemen’s football gloves also have thick wrist straps to protect the player from impact and overextending their wrist.


  • Wide Receiver – If you’re holding this position, then your goal is to catch the ball and hold on to it. Receiver gloves must be flexible and have excellent grip support.


  • Defensive Back – The role of the defensive back is very physical, so their football gloves should have sufficient padding to protect them from impact. However, the defensive back’s gloves should not be too thick to prevent them from gripping the ball as needed.


  1. What features should football gloves have?


Playing football is fun, but it is also an aggressive and competitive sport. Your hands and fingers need to be protected from impact and injuries. Choosing a pair of football gloves must be taken seriously. The right pair can help you play better without worrying too much about getting hurt. The following features are what you should look for when buying football gloves:


  • Padding: Look for flexible padding that protects your palm and backhand. Depending on your position, you should look for football gloves that will protect your hand while allowing you to grip the ball comfortably.


  • Ventilation: Wearing football gloves with added ventilation helps your hands cool even when the game is getting rough. Choose a pair that uses mesh for better airflow to keep your fingers and hands from sweating too much.


  • Materials: Imagine wearing a pair of football gloves that break down while the game is ongoing. This is why buying a pair of high-quality football gloves matters because your performance and the safety of your hands depends on it. Avoid buying low-quality gloves for the sake of saving money. The best football gloves are made with sturdy yet stretchable materials.  


  1. Where should I buy football gloves?


You can purchase football gloves from a physical store or an online shop. Both sources have their pros and cons. Buying your football gloves online is more convenient since you can have them delivered right to your doorstep. However, purchasing them at a brick-and-mortar store allows you to try out the gloves before paying for them. If it’s your first time to buy football gloves, you should buy them at a reputable physical sporting goods shop. Your succeeding purchases can be made online since you already know what type of football gloves to order.




Football gloves are not accessories that you can choose to wear today and forget about tomorrow. These gloves protect you from injuries and also improve your performance on the field. While football is a beautiful sport, it can also be very dangerous if you are not wearing the proper gear.



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